Four Laning BC Highway 1: Your Questions Answered

Bighorn Bridge at Kicking Horse Canyon Phase 4, with the old section of the Trans-Canada Highway on the left.

If you’ve driven in British Columbia, chances are pretty good you’ve been on the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s the primary east-west connection through our beautiful province, our main gateway to the rest of Canada, and a vital route for travel, tourism and trade. The section of BC Highway 1 between Kamloops and the Alberta border is also one of the most technically challenging corridors in the province and despite a lot of work to improve this part of the Trans-Canada in recent years, there are still many sections with sharp curves, steep grades and narrow bridges to tackle. We often hear from folks asking about four-laning this stretch, so we thought we’d share the most frequently asked questions (and their answers) here for you:

Why is it taking so long to modernize the road to a four-lane standard throughout?

The same mountain ranges, river valleys and adjacent railways that make this route so stunning to travel through, also create a unique set of issues to tackle in order to plan, design and expand the corridor. These issues include design considerations for avalanches, slope stability, floods, the environment, archaeology and stakeholder input, to name a few. Construction challenges associated with mountainous terrain include cost, blasting, scaling, as well as traffic and schedule management, weather challenges, consideration of other infrastructure (such as railways) and the short construction season (from mid-April to mid-October). Once construction has started on a project along this corridor, improvement projects typically require multiple construction seasons. A program of this size is very expensive to undertake, and we need to balance limited funds against many priorities.

Work at Chase East, where a 1.6 km section of Highway 1 is being widened to four lanes, including median and roadside barrier.

How do you decide which parts of the highway are updated first?

We look at the entire corridor from multiple technical perspectives to identify needs. We then prioritize projects to improve sections that have higher than average crash histories, high traffic volumes and bridges that need replacing, while also keeping other issues, such as maintaining mobility along the corridor during construction, in mind as well. We also need to understand the impact of proposed improvements on indigenous interests and communities along with a wide range of stakeholders.

Can’t you just put tunnels in where there isn’t enough width?

When we plan projects, analyzing options is a critical part of our process.  We evaluate the pros of those options against their technical difficulty and cost to build and maintain.  If a design includes tunnels while achieving the objectives within the available budget, they might become part of the final solution.

Phase 4 of the Kicking Horse Canyon project.

How long will it take to complete the program?

There are 338 kilometres of Highway 1 between Kamloops and the Alberta Border under provincial control (with Parks Canada responsible for the remaining 102 kilometres) and there are currently 121 kilometres that are four lanes or more. We expect that the entire effort will take many decades to complete.

Upgrading the Trans-Canada between Kamloops and the Alberta border to a modern, 100 km/h, four-lane standard, will allow traffic to move more safely and efficiently. Despite a lot of work to improve the Trans-Canada in recent years, there are still many sections with sharp curves, steep grades and narrow bridges so we have a lot of work to still do. It’s our driving concern, and we are working as hard as we can to get there. We hope that this helps answer your questions. If you have any other questions about this or anything else the ministry does – let us know in the comments below.

Learn more about the Trans-Canada Highway in BC:

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  1. Should be renamed the Kamloops to Perry River and Albert Canyon to Alberta Program. That is because it seems you aren’t even doing any long term planning or preparation for upgrades on this section. Indeed you are doing or planning major repairs to three bridges and keeping them 2 lanes.

  2. I know that there is public consultation going on right now with regards to the Highway 1 expansion from 264 to Highway 11, but I do want to mention it here that there should be separate express and collector lanes (at least 2 lane for each) right thru all Abbotsford interchanges. This would allow the thru traffic not having to worry about vehicles merging or exiting the freeway and slowing down their progress. There is a high volume of local traffic that uses the freeway as an east/west connector for travel in Abbotsford.

    • Hello Walter.

      You are correct, public consultation is underway for this project. Please follow the directions on this website under “Public Consultation” towards the bottom of the page for how to submit your feedback here:

      Comments on the proposal are being accepted until September 15, 2023.

      Thanks for connecting with us. Safe travels!

  3. Hwy #1 from Vancouver to Abbotsoford should have been 8 lanes 10 years ago!! Every inner city and town road is 4 lanes, yet the main and only artery is also 4 lanes?? It’s ludicrous!! It’s a cart track! The govnt always waits until it’s critical before starting expansion, and the costs just increase every year it’s not done. If this had been planned properly the drainage, clearing, pre-load would have been done 10 yrs ago, even if they only widened 3 lanes back then, now they would just have to pave the 4th lane. There are so many rear-ender accidents as people are frustrated – causing driving too close to stop – then we are down to 1 lane as one is blocked!

    The other issue is HOV lanes, why are they not controlled by time? It could be 4 am yet I can’t drive in that lane, yet my taxes paid for it! It should take only be an HOV during peak times 0530-1030 and 3:30-7:30 after that anyone should be permitted to use the lane. This will allow traffic to spread out and reduce accidents.

  4. Stop playing games and build a proper, “limited access” freeway all the way to the Alberta border. Every infrastructure project in this Province is done as an afterthought, even though the population is booming. Highway 97 to Prince George should also be a Freeway!

    • Thanks for connecting with us here and sharing your opinion, Tony. Unfortunately, for many of the reasons listed in this blog – this is not as straightforward as it might initially seem. We continue to prioritize and expand the highway to the Alberta border, within those constraints. Hope this is helpful. Safe travels.

  5. I live at 6670 Trans Canada Highway NE. (Canoe) When The 4 lane Salmon Arm to Sicamous comes through, what is the setback from the current highway in meters? Highway Right Away Property. Is there a Map I can see or have PDF file sent showing the current highway and the highway right away property line? It will give us a heads up what the future holds here where we live. Thanks

    • Hi Lawrie, thanks for reaching out. We have directed your question to staff working in the area, and will reply to you again here as soon as we hear back from them. Please stay tuned.

    • Hi Carol, thanks for reaching out to us here. Could you please clarify your question so we can get you the best answer? Is there a specific stretch of Highway 1 that you are inquiring about?

  6. BC and Canadian highways are generally not safe highways compared to the Interstate highways in the USA and we will never see a 4 lane highway from Kamloops to Alberta or from Cache Creek to Prince George. The reason why? Their is no political will to complete safe 4 lane highways in our province. If you have to drive across North America I would suggest using the interstate highways in the USA. I would prefer to spend my money in Canada and travel across safe 4 lane roads but that’s never going to happen in this country. It’s amazing when you travel across the USA and see so many Canadian license plates and when you talk to them their destination is usually the other side of Canada. The 300 plus km between Kamloops and Alberta could easily be completed in 10 years but it is not a priority.

  7. The remaining Kamloops to Alberta 4 lane highway should be built using the cochahalla model of a toll road. Should have borrowed the money when rates were lower and have the completed highway done decades ahead of your pace now. Pay off the borrowed money by adding a $10-$15 toll to pay down the debt and remove the toll when paid off. That way everyone wins with a completed 4 lane highway decades earlier than planned now and the government is not burdened with the huge debt. It’s a pay as you use system. But this common sense approach is mysteriously not being used?

  8. You seem to be slowing down on the twinning with only 2 future projects announced. Both announced years ago and still not even started. With hundreds of kms not twinned… some near Kamloops which could be described as prairie… are you even serious about this at all? Seriously… I bet if someone timed a snails speed I’d bet that’s how fast the progress has been. Has BC even pressured the feds to start a new section on their quarter? Do you realize how long this will take if you finish only 1km per year… your current pace!

    • Hi there, Bob.

      Thanks for connecting with us here.

      This is likely because there are multiple folks on the project team, making email a more accessible option. If you would like to speak to someone in person, we encourage you to reach out to our staff in the Kamloops Regional office, who may be able to point you in the direction of someone who can chat via phone. Hope this information is helpful.

      Southern Interior Regional Office
      447 Columbia Street
      Kamloops, BC V2C 2T3
      Telephone: +1-250-828-4220

  9. Is there any plan to expand the highway in salmon arm? They have done the west part near Walmart but the stretch between the roots and blues sign and water slides has remained untouched. The only information I gathered was a video on the tranbc YouTube from 5 years ago saying that negotiations where in place with the native band that owns that part of the land.

  10. I have heard that the southbound lane of hwy 1 in kamloops will be made into 3 lanes going up the hill towards the Peterson creek bridge? This will cause an immense stoppage of semi trucks at times as they will be going to slow to merge back into hwy speed traffic, going onto the bridge!This is the dumbest idea that has come out in years. just mandate all semi’s to the outboard slow lane, and your problem will be solved. What is the timeline for construction on this project?

    • Hi there, Reid.

      Thanks for taking the time to connect with us here. We suspect you might have seen or heard about the third lane climbing to Peterson Creek Bridge as an option from the Kamloops Area Transportation Study. The options outlined as a part of the study are currently in the concept generation and assessment stage. The project website outlines the proposed concepts for further review and we encourage you to connect with the project team at to share your feedback. We hope this is helpful.

  11. In February 2010 we drove a car we had just bought back from Toronto to Vancouver Island and due to the large number of stretches of unsafe 2 lane road on the TCH in northern Ontario and BC, we drove home on the I94/I90 corridor.

    I appreciate that getting to a 4 lane standard is expensive ….but frankly, there are some third world countries that have better highways than us. The work underway is good but it needs to be expanded and accelerated.

    I think the Government of Canada needs to step up big-time to make a major push towards a 4 lane freeway (preferably not a 4 lane expressway with left turns and lights) standard on our one main TCH (Hwy 1 in BC and 17 in Ontario), and in a reasonable timeline, say 20 years to completion. Start with the National Parks, and also fund MoTI for this with 75 cent dollars.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mike. The federal government does provide funding for projects on the TCH, but given the constraints of many of the locations, along with the consultations and planning required, it can take time to deliver on them properly. Safe travels.

    • Hi Georges, the ferry between Horseshoe Bay and Nanaimo is considered to be part of the official Trans-Canada Highway. That would mean that the lowest elevation would be zero feet above sea level at both ferry terminals and while crossing the Georgia Strait between the two communities.

  12. The responsibilities of highway infrastructure was given in the wrong hands long time ago. Not having a reliable transportation route from east to west has devastated our country in both lives and economy, if you were to ask any truck driver who drives on hwy 1 why they are here, its usually one thing…. can’t cross the USA border which leave drivers desperate to drive these roads and that is the only reason our country is still running. Honestly I am not here to rant but you guys, y’all need some engineers from Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas they’ll have it done in less than a year. I’ve seen other comment replies of “decades to complete”… like really I’ve driven throughout US and Canada have seen multiple construction projects and highways in way worse geographical areas done quicker with 6 lanes 120kmh speed limits. At the end democracy dies in darkness, politics win.

  13. The responsibilities of highway infrastructure was given in the wrong hands long time ago. Not having a reliable transportation route from east to west has devastated our country in both lives and economy, if you were to ask any truck driver who drives on hwy 1 why they are here, its usually one thing…. can’t cross the USA border which leave drivers desperate to drive these roads and that is the only reason our country is still running. Honestly I am not here to rant or disrespect but you guys, y’all need some engineers from Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas they’ll have it done in less than a year. I’ve seen other comment replies of “decades to complete”… like really I’ve driven throughout US and Canada have seen multiple construction projects and highways in way worse geographical areas done quicker with 6 lanes concrete 120kmh speed limits. To conclude my comment there is no excuse of obstacles and complications until an Mpp or daughter of a premier gets hurt this would be over and completed

  14. Do you have any current design plans for twinning between Sorrento and Chase?
    That section seems to pose significant challenges with terrain and possible First Nations buried artifacts. Is it possible the highway gets bumped up and over from Notch Hill?

    I think our future planning of Sorrento possible incorporation and expanding development is critical in knowing the future highway upgrade plans. If the highway was twinned through current Sorrento path it appears most businesses would be displaced on the highway as they are all so close to the current road.

    I appreciate your feedback and any info you can offer.

    • Hi Colin,

      The Trans-Canada 4 -laning is a priority to the ministry and we always evaluate many options before undertaking projects. The Sorrento area is not currently in an active planning stage but options do exist for a bypass as well as on current alignment. If you would like to talk directly to a ministry staffer about this more specifically – we encourage you to email:

  15. It has been a blessing to have cycled these roads from 2010 to 2020. I started out from Edmonton to Calgary in 2010 and then a month later, I bicycled it from Calgary to Kelowna in 6 days. The Kicking Horse portion from Yahoo National Park to Golden was under construction and the opening between the mountains was neat. The narrow areas past the rest area were very narrow and dangerously challenging but I survived walking it up. I biked the Coquihalla 3 times from 2013, 2014 and 2015. Along the 97C in 2014. The Crow’s Nest #3 in 2014 from Hope to Osyoos than up to West Bank. I have lots of biking in BC. I even forced to walk from Kamloops to Golden in 2017 as my bike crank seized and I had my bike trailer to push. I walked a total of 724 kms. Yes it was hard and daunting but I am a strong survivor.

    • Wow, thanks for sharing your many experiences cycling and walking BC, Gordon. You are indeed strong and hardy to have made all those journeys! Wishing you safe travels wherever you go.

  16. I remember reading a document written from the 1990’s about a limited access expressway bypass proposed in Kamloops. Is there still an active plan on creating a bypass from Dallas Rd to the highway 5 interchange. That part of the Trans-Canada is a bottleneck.

    Is there any plans on widening the three mile gap part of the trans-Canada highway? Will you add landfill onto the lake by removing material from the Monashee Mountains (which i’m totally fine with) to widen the road?

    • Good afternoon – thanks for your comment. We consider all options when planning future highway improvements. At this time we have no plans for a bypass at Three Valley Gap. In Kamloops we are in the very early stages of gathering input from the public and will be considering many options. We hope this information is helpful. Safe travels.

    • Thanks for this, Anonymous., our traveller information site captures all of the where and when info. We are sharing any traffic impacts across our social channels, to help keep people “in the know”. Safe travels!

  17. The challenges of Eagle Pass will make the Kickinghorse Canyon look cheap and easy. And there is no 90 minute detour through Radium. None at all really. The Eagle is a Protected river. It’s going to cost bazillions. And the Federal government is going to have to cough up lot more than the 50% of costs they currently contribute to Hwy 1 projects they approve of.
    It is unrealistic to imagine this province – or any – having the financial capacity for that massive undertaking.

  18. Tranbceditor do you know that it only took 4 years to build the railroad across from about Calgary thru the Rockies to the Coast (~1882-1886). Did you wonder “were they late” or “on-time”? Early!!! In fact…by 5 years according to their Contract completion date.

    You write of Decades+ to simply widen a couple hundred clicks of road …seems pretty weak political will. You’d think our civil engineering could outpace 1882 tech…but we have 2022 politics layered on top…no will to get it done…just layers of union and bureaucratic grift and “pass the buck” or “community consult.”

    Send it out fixed price to a “design, build, maintain” contract and lets get her done in 4 years.

    We can’t get anything done in this country…it’s sad really. The rest of the world will be eating our lunch soon enough…like they’ve bought up the West coast. Force foreign home buyers to pay a “HWY1 improvement fee” kinda like an airport Tax.

    Heck anyone new to Canada to pay it. Also give Canadians an opt-in on their Tax form: “Do you want to put forward a special ‘Hwy 1 widening bond’ then check yes and donate your Tax refund to the lroject“. Heck let those who donate a certain amount get an extra Maple-leaf on their license plate or something.

    Or do a go-fund-me. Seriously this is mad how there’s zero creativity in gov’mnt to get shit done.

    • Hey Chuck – thanks for your comment – we acknowledge your frustration. Unfortunately, it isn’t just a couple hundred clicks of flat, straight road, nor is it a matter of 1882 v 2022 tech (the tech at that time was back breaking, around the clock labour, and many of the workers lost their lives to lay the track – not a comparable by any stretch of the imagination). Some stretches of the TCH are literally constrained on both sides by rivers and mountain ranges, while other sections pass through lands requiring extensive consultation and consideration (as per modern understandings of our community partners), when this is combined with budget constraints, etc., means four laning will take time. We appreciate your patience.

  19. We are just wondering how much gravel we will encounter over the construction on Highway 1 between Kamloops and Golden? We are coming through on motorcycles and are hoping to not have to face gravel on the trip.

  20. Hi there, Can there be some assurance on all of the four lane sections that there are median barriers? They have continually proven to reduce head on collisions where people always tend to go faster and either fall asleep at the wheel or lose control on ice and/or water. Let’s keep the traffic on the “right” side of the hwy to avoid such fatal accidents. Thank you
    David Pfuetzner

  21. How long? And then you don’t answer the question. I challenge you and the federal government to give us date. Lives are lost every year on the more dangerous 2 lane sections. It’s 2022 we can do it.

    • Hi Chris – thanks for your message. We do answer the question but don’t give an exact date as that would be almost impossible to do. There are 338 kilometres of Highway 1 between Kamloops and the Alberta Border under provincial control (with Parks Canada responsible for the remaining 102 kilometres) and there are currently 121 kilometres that are four lanes or more. We expect that the entire effort will take many decades to complete. Hope this is helpful and thank you for your patience.

      • Decades lol? A decade is 10 years. At the current pace it’ll take approximately 200 to 300 years. I assume you hope the pace will accelerate but even then it will take more than 100 years. They will literally be building roads on Mars before BC has a twinned highway. Oops half-twinned. You still haven’t done Kamloops to Vancouver!

  22. I totally agree with Calgary driver in kamloops hwy the grade if the highway is so steep all the semi truck can barely crawl up the hill. This is so dangerous I see cars swerving in and out of the lanes because its a major highway then suddenly in front of you is a big rig truck going 30 km an hour lots of times there are several trucks some trying to pass on the left lane but they can’t pass because of the long steep grade. Whoever built that highway should be fired

    • Hello Erin – thanks for connecting with us here to share your concern. Unfortunately, BC’s mountainous terrain mean steep grades on our mountain passes. We have recently legislated that commercial vehicles are required to travel in the right lane on the Coquihalla, to allow passing room for other vehicles, who are able to move more quickly uphill. Safe travels!

  23. I know that the highest priorities seem to be on the western sections, as they likely have higher traffic volumes (i.e. from Salmon Arm to Kamloops). However, there are a couple issues I see that can prevent a fairly easy completion of the last sections.

    In the Squilax area, I know there is about 12 km of highway literally sitting against the mountainside. How will that be managed once done through Chase? That is the connecting part between the Chase and Sorrento 4-lane sections.

    Also, how will it be managed through Salmon Arm? I know it is an urban 4-lane cross section, however, the desirable alignment should be to avoid traffic signals. A bypass would be very difficult and expensive (having to cross Shuswap Lake) so would an urban freeway through Salmon Arm be considered? Even at a speed limit of 80 km/h (allowing a narrower right of way), that would require quite a few businesses to be demolished and numerous pedestrian/local road crossings to ensure community connectivity for all users. It’s certainly feasible though.

    • Hi there Craig,

      Thanks for your questions. The ministry is prioritizing certain sections first, in an effort to increase capacity and safety. As you have noted, some stretches will be more challenging and will require more time, money and planning. We encourage you to visit our four-laning program website – where you can see the current projects underway, as well as future projects being considered on the corridor. The website also has email and phone for further communication with program staff for more specific questions. We hope that this is helpful.
      Media Enquiries Phone:
      250 356-8241
      General Information:

  24. Safe to say that nobody alive today will see the highway twinned at the pace they’re going. I include babies in that statement.
    I think a big factor is politics… timing announcements for political gain.
    Another factor is Victoria and Vancouver ignore the entire rest of the province.
    A big factor is provinces slowly upgraded their highways once the initial trans Canada was completed. Except BC. They sat as is for 50 years. BC didn’t even ask the feds to twin the parks until recently. BC didn’t even twin the easy flat sections! Shameful. The tragedies… the wasted time… and yes even the pollution and animal deaths… will continue.
    Don’t forget the projects that were announced and then canceled. The funding that was budgeted but was left unused. The safety features like simple concrete barriers that were left out of many sections. And now focusing on unions and political correctness causing massive delays and massive cost increases.
    Overall an F grade.
    Will you at least take down the signs saying the highway is being twinned ? And remove the shameful BC is the best place on earth signs at the border. Lol. Worst roads doesn’t equal best. Best at making excuses I guess.
    A 200 year project is embarrassing.

  25. Sucessive governments including the present have failed to address the twinning of TransCanada highway. Years of delay, lack of funding leave us with an overcrowded unsafe highway, filled with heavy trucks. And now the present government adds hundreds of millions of cost in so called community benefits. Actually the money goes to their trade union buddies.
    People who live and travel on this corridor worry for their safety everyday coupled with multiple road closures that have been going on for decades.

  26. Years ago, x %-age of road tax was designated to road infrastructure from gasoline. There always seemed to be money for road improvements.
    Then all that tax went into the general tresurery,, ever since our roads have slowly gone downhill. Reinstate that tax from gasoline,, but don’t add more taxes to our fuels.

  27. Greetings from the Trucking industry…these are hard days for us
    I can tell you, reading in the overview “We expect that the entire effort will take many decades to complete.” Why? – I expect your answer is budget related. this issue makes many of us angry!
    When anyone compares BC Hwys to anywhere in the developed world, its beyond embarrassing.
    -need evidence? look at the recent destruction of Hwys 1 & 5…
    Look at Hwys thru Mountains in USA, China, Europe, etc etc
    Ministry of Transportation, Infrastructure –change your thinking, change your engineering design ideas, and get building. This department is a disgrace The Feds & the Province can cost share this National hwy – have you heard of fuel taxes?- there’s some revenue, for building roads- what a concept

    • Hello Gman – thanks for your message. We have shared your comments forward with our staff responsible for the four-laning program and will let you know what we hear back.

    • Hello again Gman – Thanks again for connecting with us here. We agree that H1 is a critical highway. We are very fortunate to cost share most projects on Highway 1 with the Federal government. And, we will continue to seek ongoing cost sharing opportunities as we continue to improve this important link. We hope that this information is helpful.

  28. Can’t we just cut military budget and corporate welfare and direct these funds to infrastructure upgrade?
    That will stimulate the economy far better than subsidizing dying industries.

  29. What are the proposed changes on the stretch of highway between Chase and Blind Bay. Is the proposal from back in 1993 to have a bypass around Sorrento being looked at?

  30. We’re in trucking business. Can we take a load of steel on 53 foot flatbed trailer around 45,000 lbs from DELTA, BC to CALGARY, AB and how much time or delay should be consider?

  31. I am considering purchasing property on the east side of Highway 1, between the junction of 97B and Canoe. I am trying to find out on which side of the highway the road would be expanded to 4 lanes from the current 3 lanes. The house is fairly close to the highway as it stands now.
    … Also, I would appreciate knowing the average volume of traffic on highway 1 thru this stretch.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi there Marilyn – thanks for connecting with us here. Please reach out to our staff in the area office closest to this location. They will have the best info for you.

      Salmon Arm Area
      850c – 16 Street NE, Bag 100
      Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4S4
      Telephone: 250 503-3664

  32. When will the Valleyview Bypass in Kamloops get put in queue? Hwy 1 should be a Freeway. Vicars Rd is the first traffic light heading east from Horseshoe Bay to Alberta. Juniper Ridge is growing and the only way to get better access to the highway is through the proposed bypass alignment. It was proposed when the city got to 80,000 then then the goal post changed to 100,000 then 120,000!

    • Hi Kenton, the ministry is evaluating the safety and mobility aspects of the highway system in the Kamloops area. As part of this comprehensive review, an extensive list of long-term highway improvement options will be identified, including evaluating historic options. Short, medium, and long-term transportation improvement recommendations will be identified, with near-term solutions focused on improving safety and capacity along the existing highway corridor. Improvement strategies will be diligently assessed based on technical, environmental, cultural, financial, and community considerations, including comprehensive engagement with local and Indigenous governments and diverse stakeholders.

    • I fully agree with a previous poster – *Ken Laloge. Our highway infrastructure specific to B.C and not the entire country is an absolute national disgrace, certainly a third world way of operations with respect to significantly lacking the building and maintenance/expansion planning/upgrades of our vital trade routes. It should be noted that these same trade corridors also serve as an important military defense infrastructure.

  33. Hwy 1 closed at Golden and traffic rerouted along Hwys93 and95.. The hwy that comes from Golden thru Radium has large trucks using their retarder brakes at all hours during evening and early morning. Its most annoying to hear this very loud noise. The area at the Welcome to Radium sign is flat …there is no downhill grade or uphill grade..there is no need to use these loud air brakes. I wish someone would put up a sign to ask truckers to not use these brakes. Would that be so difficult?

  34. One key way to keeps costs down is to avoid the construction of interchanges at major junctions on the TCH in the BC interior. Traffic lights are only a fraction of the cost and have been highly effective on the Vancouver Island TCH north of Victoria.

  35. It only took 5 or 6 years to build the coquihalla, I guess Bill Bennet junior’s home being Kelowna had nothing to do with it. Obviously money is not the problem, it’s just the political will to get thinks done. There are a few highways in BC that need 4 landing
    Hwy 97 to Prince George
    Hwy 97 north of Armstrong
    Alaska Hwy Dawson Creek to Pink Mountain
    There are more I’m sure . They have been working on the Kamloops to Salmon Arm section for about 20 years and not 1/2 done. To bad Salmon Arm doesn’t have a resident premier.
    Please, throw some real money at it, work around the clock, 7 days a week, then we might see some real progress. Remember the Coquihalla. Political will, that’s all it takes. Alas, I digress, perhaps we can hold the politician ( past and present) responsibility for the carnage on our Hwys.

  36. Any future plans for the stretch of road west of Golden to the weigh scales?
    The distance is approximately 23 km. It appears not to be technically difficult in terms of earth moving, etc., so I would think the cost would be lower.
    There are several collisions a year in this stretch.


    • Hello Chris – thank you for your question about future four-laning and our apologies in the delay in our response. The ministry is continually assessing and prioritizing sections for future improvement and advances projects as funding allows. At this time, there is no timeline for the improvements between the Golden weigh scales and the Town of Golden.

    • Hello Darren,

      Thank you for your question and our apologies for the delay in our response. We are currently in the planning and active construction phases for works deemed higher priority. A complete corridor review was undertaken in the past and a by pass option was a part of that review; however it is not something that we are currently considering at this location. We hope that this information is helpful.

    • Hello Darren – thanks again for connecting with us here. The ministry is not currently working on an expansion project through Sorrento. As new projects are added to the TCH program, the design process will include public consultation and input from the public and others will help define project design. We hope that this information is helpful.

  37. Just wondering if Tran BC has any coordination with parks Canada for the 4 laning since Glacier Park is the worst part of the highway and there is no information about any possible upgrades to Hwy 1 on PCs website. Also wondering if you have considered putting a median in on two lane sections to improve safety while waiting for the funding for a full 4 lanes. P.S the Revelstoke Bridge is a major bottleneck please twin it ASAP Thank you

    • Hello Darren – thanks for your message. We reached out to our staff in the interior for more information on upgrades to the federal sections of the TCH. They provided us with an email for you to use for specific information in that regard: A program of this size is very expensive to undertake, and we need to balance limited funds against many priorities. We have shared your feedback regarding the Revelstoke Bridge to our staff in the area as well.

      We hope that this is helpful! Safe travels.

  38. Just curious if the Ministry had the chance to review potential cost savings associated with preparing for six lanes for the route (undertaking preliminary timber removal, basic dirt works, etc.)?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi there TC – thanks for your question. Just to clarify – are you asking if the ministry estimated cost (and cost savings) of six laning vs. four laning?

  39. If you think you can’t build highway improvements because you have no money then consider building toll roads. The coquihalla was a toll road and I didn’t mind paying to drive a decent road. If you need further information on toll roads you can check out Houston Texas bypass or Denver Colorado bypass

  40. Decades and the USA did 60 years ago, national disgrace, third world countries with better highways and both with tougher mountains, higher passes and bigger snow falls. Just a lack of political leadership. Gas taxes spent elsewhere as usual. Decades….

    • Hello Ken – thanks for your comment. We can’t speak to political leadership, third world infrastructure or gas taxes but we can assure you that ministry staff lives and works in BC and we continue to work toward an improved TCH corridor for everyone to travel on safely.

  41. I find I have to hold back my laughter at the following comment…

    “Government (both federal and provincial) must balance the priorities of their constituents with fiscal responsibility.”

    If our governments practised fiscal responsibility to it’s constituents instead of squandering it away on many other things we’d have these roads (and other things) built already.

    Governments now are taking in considerably more money from many sources that they didn’t have 50 years ago yet we constantly seem to be struggling to improve our infrastructures, not to mention so many other things.

    I say it’s time to practise what you preach.

    • Thanks for your feedback Rick – we can appreciate your concerns to be sure. We certainly try to work with the federal government for additional funding wherever possible because the cost of building has also increased over the years, as have the number of travellers on BC highways.

  42. The comment above stating that “the entire effort will take many decades to complete” is understandable while being unacceptable. People are dying on this road routinely; if we could build the Coquihalla in a relatively short timeframe, this can for sure be sped up. It’s all about the will. I get that the Coquihalla and related highways didn’t have to face the many other issues faced on Hwy 1, such as traffic/population/built up areas etc, but something needs to be done to speed this up. For one thing, I guarantee that if we were talking about a roadway in Quebec that was similarly busy and important, it would be done already. Both governments need to take this seriously. Other countries are building amazing highways and solving problems. We’re doing it at turtle speed.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Bryan. Unfortunately, it’s not just the population along the corridor that needs to be taken into consideration but also the geography, construction season, and provincial budget. Government (both federal and provincial) must balance the priorities of their constituents with fiscal responsibility. We live here and we travel this corridor as well. We understand the needs and are working as hard and as fast as we can to achieve them. We hope this helps clarify. Safe travels.

      • Please understand I don’t blame the timeframe on ministry staff. I blame it on political will. There should be a reasonable time frame, a goal to achieve. “Decades to complete” is just utterly inadequate for the needs. As mentioned in someone else’s comments, toll it if needed. I’d happily pay a few bucks to travel highway 1 if it didn’t mean I wanted to pull my hair out or risk my family’s safety on every trip. I just think governments need to put a higher priority on this. But I also know staff in the ministry are doing their best and working with the tools provided to them.

  43. Three valley gap west of revelstoke very dangerous section rocks still coming down please fix this would love to see it double laned from revelstoke to sicamous please. When is this section being upgraded ? Thank you

  44. Instant about the cost of up Grade,s. But we need more bigger Crews on the construction or multiple companies to speed it up. What’s out here now is taking way too long to get anything done and mess up all schedules they keep the world turning in transportation of every day goods

    • Thank you for the feedback. Many of the projects along the TransCanada highway are very complex and technical in nature and involve steps such as blasting and slope stabilization. In order to proceed with the work safely the project must follow a step by step process that at times may seem slow. This is done to ensure safety of the crews, the public and prevent damage to the existing infrastructure. We hope this is helpful. Safe travels.

  45. The first mention I could find of the “Kamloops to Alberta Program” in Ministry news releases was in 2013. Was this when the ‘program’ officially came into existence?

    • Hello Nick – our apologies for the delay.

      The first mention of the program as we know it today (Kamloops to Alberta Four-Laning Program) began in 2012, when the province committed $650 million to projects along the highway and, subsequently, in its 10-year transportation plan in 2015, called B.C. on the Move.

      The earliest mention of the corridor improvements we could find began in 1998 with the publication of the Cache Creek to the Rockies Program report

      For more background information on the studies involved in the improvement works on this corridor, you might be interested in this link:

      We hope that this is helpful and

      • Not helpful at all! It’s true that Chrispy Clark budgeted $650 million to ‘4 lane Hwy. 1 from Kamloops to the Alberta border’ (about the same amount as she spent on her frivolous trips to Asia). But the truth of the matter is if “they” (the Provincial Cartel) got their collective heads out of their a$$e$ this thing would would have been completed in the 10 year time frame. The $650 million will barely cover the cost of the Golden Canyon Project. The Site C fiasco cost north of $20 BILLION! If that money, energy and equipment had been directed toward something constructive, such as 4 laning Hwy.1, the project would be competed and the remainder of the money used for Health Care, education or frivolous trips to Asia!
        Cost sharing with the Federal government (yes, you admit it’s a 50/50 venture) would have resulted in $40 BILLION for road construction and a workforce of 5,000 YEAR ROUND (not just in the ‘April to October’ time frame you espoused.
        And it would free up the 4,000 man camp to house homeless people and perhaps coddle them into a meaningful task of farming the Peace valley, long neglected due to BC Hydro’s nonsensical notion of damning the river.
        Rant over!

  46. At the current rate of progress there is no chance of 4 laning of the provincial sections of the highway being completed before the 2060s. I suspect some sections will NEVER be 4 laned. The so called Kamloops to Alberta Program has no plan, no timescale, no feasibility studies and no cost estimate. The government really needs to work out what else it can do to address the horrendous accident rate on this highway and the increasing congestion. I hold out no hope whatsoever that it will.