Back Home on the Range: Restoring Roosevelt Elk in BC

December 13, 2017

Wildlife and highways in BC often cross paths. We do our best to keep both everyone safe and sound on their journey, and our work with Roosevelt Elk on Vancouver Island and on the Sunshine Coast of BC is no exception. Did you know the majestic Roosevelt Elk could once be found roaming around what is now Science World along the shores of False Creek in downtown Vancouver? Sadly, unregulated hunting for meat and hides during the gold rush...

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BC Highway U-Turns Don’t Necessarily Mean YOU

December 5, 2017

  The lure of making an illegal U-turn on a BC Highway can be tempting. You might think it’ll save you a bit of time. Or it’s just convenient. Or it’s a quick fix when going the wrong way....

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DON’T Do This Pt. II: 5 More Vehicles CVSE Wants Off the Road

November 28, 2017

We received a lot of positive feedback after sharing Part 1 of the Wanted off the Road poster series. Well, our Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) team continues to keep BC from turning into the Wild West by...

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Your Top 5 Resources to get Ready for Driving this Winter

November 22, 2017
shift into winter

It’s not even “officially” winter yet but we’re certainly already getting hit by it. With the Shift into Winter safety campaign in full swing, we’ve noticed a lot more activity on some of our websites lately as people get...

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15 Seconds to Safety: How to Dress for Winter’s Worst

November 14, 2017

Sure, we know what you’re thinking… “Of course I know how to dress myself!” But you won’t believe how often ministry staff come across drivers severely underdressed (some even wearing flip flops!), stranded on the side of the road...

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BC Road Trip Time Machine: See Vancouver as it was in 1966

November 1, 2017

Hey Vancouver! Get ready for a ride down memory lane because our BC Road Trip Time Machine is heading your way. Our archival photolog footage rolls its way from Horseshoe Bay, through West Vancouver, over the Lions Gate Bridge,...

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Top 3 Ways to Be Truck Aware

October 24, 2017
Top 3 Ways to Be Truck Aware

If you compare the size and weight of a loaded commercial vehicle to that of a passenger vehicle, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn the occupants of the passenger vehicle are four times more likely to be killed in...

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