Why You Should Bike to Work (and School)

May 23, 2019

What’s your excuse NOT to bike to work or school? “It’s cold out.” “I’m tired.” “I don’t want to arrive all sweaty.” It’s easy to come up with excuses — until you’ve tried it — that is. That’s part of what Bike to Work & School Week, which runs annually the last week of May, is about — encouraging newbies to try commuting from a saddle while celebrating the benefits that can only be understood with experience. This year...

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A Brief History of the BC Highway Traffic Patrol

May 16, 2019
A Brief History of the BC Highway Traffic Patrol

Most folks born in the 1970s or earlier will probably remember the smash television hit, CHiPs. The show followed the adventures of two California highway patrol officers as they kept state highways running safely and smoothly. If you didn’t...

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Road Safety in Action at the Cloverdale Rodeo

May 14, 2019

You’re invited to have some serious fun with the Cone Zone BC work zone safety awareness campaign. Come on down to the Cloverdale Rodeo Go-Kart Experience, May 17-20, 2019. The Work Zone Safety Alliance is inviting kids ages 10...

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Symbol of Sikh Resilience Honoured with Stop of Interest Sign

May 3, 2019

Sikh settlers’ efforts to build a spiritual and community home in the early 1900s, while making Canada their new home, are now recognized by a BC Stop of Interest sign. A sign for the Gur Sikh Temple was unveiled at...

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Development Approvals Deciphered – What It Is and Why it Matters to You

April 25, 2019

British Columbia is booming and, as our population grows, and communities build and expand, the relationship between our highways and adjacent land use changes. Our Development Approvals team guides road network development through rural subdivision approvals, preserves highway capacity...

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Burrowing Badger Caught on BC Wildlife Underpass Cam

April 17, 2019

No – this isn’t Mr. Badger of Wind in the Willows fame, nor is it the viral “Crazy ___ Honey Badger” of YouTube fame… this is the American Badger, a somewhat reclusive member of the Canadian Endangered Species list...

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How Hydrotechnical Engineers Keep Water Under the Bridge  

April 12, 2019

Simply put, a hydrotechnical engineer’s job is all just water under the bridge. British Columbia rivers are dynamic and powerful systems that move large amounts of water, sediment, woody debris and ice from our mountain tops all the way...

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