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Southern Interior Flood

Southern Interior Region Flooding 2018

Overhead Drone Footage

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Updated as of May 18, 2018, 10:30 am

Warming temperatures have caused a rapid increase in water levels across the Southern Interior region, resulting in flooding and washouts. For provincial highway closures, please visit DriveBC.

The following side roads are closed to public travel in the following regions:

Cariboo Region

Northern Ranches Road 6 km from Tzenzicut Lake Road, 40 km from Quesnel Road washed out. No detour available.
Baezaeko 19.12 km on the Baezaeko Road washed out. Detour via the old logging road and the 4000 Forest Service Road.
West Fraser Road Closed from 2 km south of Narcosli Crk Bridge to 4 km north of Narcosli Crk Bridge Road washed out. Detour via Webster Lake Road and Garner Road.
Honolulu 11.2 Km South of Nazko Highway Road washed out.
Highbar Road 6.5 km west of Cougar Point near Highbar Washout. Detour via Big Bar Road or Poison Lake Road and Meadow Road.

Thompson Nicola

Beaton Road At Cherry Creek, 200 m west of Highway 1 Water over road and eroding the shoulder. West Beaton still accessible via Gardi/Buckhorn roads
Tunkwa Lake Road 2 km south of Savona Road washed out. Detour available.
Brolin Road 6 km off Mamit Lake Road Road washed out. Detour available.
Campbell Creek Road 7.3 km west of Barnhartvale Road Road washed out. Detour available.
Lytton Ferry Road Lytton Ferry High waters have shut the ferry down. Access available via CN foot bridge.
Gavelin Road 250 m up Gavelin Road, east of Sunshine Valley Road East Road washed out
Little Fort Ferry on Ferry Road High waters in the North Thompson River have caused the ferry to be shut down Considerable detour
McLure Ferry on Westsyde Road High waters in the North Thompson River have caused the ferry to be shut down Considerable detour

Okanagan Shuswap

Sportsmens’ Bowl Road 6 km north of Oliver Hwy 97 Roadway flooded.
Secrest Hill Road 7 km north of Oliver Roadway flooded. Alternate route available.
Skimikin Road Beside Skimikin Lake, between Tappen and Turtle Valley Road flooded. Detour available.
Dear Road Near Falkland, off Highway 97 Road flooded.
Myers Road Willowbrook Townsite Road flooded.
Carr Crescent Willowbrook Townsite Road flooded.
Ashnola Road 14 kms south of Highway 3 turnoff Road flooded.
Huckleberry Road Near Goudie Road intersection from Highway 33. Road washed out. Detour available via side road routing.
Hedley Nickleplate Road Cahill Creek Site 1, near Highway 3 Road washed out. Alternate route available.

West Kootenay

Christian Valley Road 43 km from Highway 33 Road washed out
Riverside Avenue East of Highway 41 Road flooded
Edwards Road North of Gilpin Road Road flooded
Pereversoff Road North of Almond Gardens Road East Road flooded
Kelly Road East of Sidley Mountain Road Road flooded
Paulson Detour Road 1.8 km west of north intersection with Highway 3 Road washout
Gilpin Road 2 km east of Whitehall Road Road flooded
Division Road 1.7 km south of Highway 3 Road flooded
Beatrice Road 1.8 km south of Highway 3 Road flooded
Manly Meadows Road 1 km east of Gilpin Road Road flooded



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