Page last updated: December 1, 2021 – 8:30 pm

We are actively responding, monitoring and assessing the many highway closures due to flooding and will continue to do so as we work with local and emergency service partners. Safety is our top priority while we deal with a rapidly changing and difficult situation.

Please be aware that any highway currently open could be closed again at any time.

Vancouver Island

Highway 1 – Malahat

  • OPEN – two lanes of traffic restored
  • Width limited, up to 2.6m lanes and subject to intermittent single lane alternating traffic outside peak travel hours
  • Drivers are reminded to drive to conditions, use caution and expect delays

South Coast

Highway 1 – Popkum to Hope


Highway 1 – Abbotsford – Chilliwack

  • CLOSED – McCallum to Yale Rd
  • Open – Yale to Highway 9 intersection

Highway 1 – Fraser Canyon  – Hope to Spences Bridge

  • Hope to Boothroyd
    • OPEN – for local travel from Hope as far as Boothroyd (through Yale, Spuzzum and Boston Bar), with some Single Lane Alternating
    • Expect delays
    • Could close at any time
  • Boothroyd to Lytton – CLOSED
  • Lytton to Spences Bridge – CLOSED

Highway 3 – Hope to Princeton

Highway 5 – Coquihalla

  • CLOSED – Hope to Merritt

Highway 7

  • OPEN –  for essential travel only from Glasgow Ave at Murray Street in Mission to 1 km east of Hope

Highway 8

  • CLOSED from Merritt to Spences Bridge

Highway 11

  • CLOSED Local detours. Flooding between Hazelwood Avenue and Townshipline Road for 2.9 km
  • OPEN – from Highway 1 south to the USA border

Highway 99 – Pemberton to Lillooet

  • CLOSED – New slide.  Being Assessed

Central Coast and Interior

Highway 20 – Bella Coola to Anahim Lake

  • Travel Advisory. Closures may result due to flooding and rockslides. Motorists advised to avoid non-essential travel, exercise caution and expect closures on short notice.


About Essential Travel

Temporary restrictions on travel in areas impacted by flooding are in place to ensure the movement of essential goods and services.

Permitted travel for essential purposes can vary according to the highway being traveled on, and is subject to the Emergency Program Act (EPA) Ministerial Order 450/2021 (PDF, 813KB) and Ministerial Order 453/2021 (PDF, 627KB).

Please refer to the official “Travel and fuel restrictions” page.

You can also call a 1-800 Flood Response Call Line at 1-833-376-2452 for your questions concerning:

  • Essential travel questions
  • Emergency supports
  • Disaster financial aid
  • Insurance
  • Mental health supports
  • Employment Insurance
  • Agriculture
  • Hazardous goods
  • Water quality
  • Utilities


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