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The provincial state of emergency
declared on Nov. 17, 2021 has been extended to January 18, 2022 to support ongoing response and recovery efforts due to severe weather, flooding and landslides in British Columbia. Please be aware that any highway currently open could be closed again at any time.


There are options for bus transportation from the Lower Mainland to Kelowna and Kamloops through companies like Ebus, Rider Express and Mountain Man Mike Bus Service.

South Coast

General Map of Flood and Slide Impacted Highways  (PDF, 780KB)

Highway 1 – Hope to Spences Bridge

  • Hope to Kanaka Bar – CLOSED – local travel only from Hope as far as Kanaka Bar (through Yale, Spuzzum and Boston Bar), with some single lane alternating traffic
    • Expect delays. Could close at any time.
  • Kanaka Bar to Lytton – Partially Reopened
  • Lytton to Spences Bridge – Partially Reopened – expect substantial delays and single lane alternating.  Vehicle length limited to 25 metres.
  • Ainslie Road North to Kanaka Station Road for 16.1  km (Jackass Mountain Summit) – CLOSED
  • NEWSLETTER: Highway 1 Newsletter #4 – Jan 10, 2022 – Jan 16, 2022 (PDF, 297 KG)
  • Check DriveBC for conditions and events that may be affecting Highway 1

Highway 3 – Hope to Princeton

  • OPEN –  for general traffic
  • No stopping in Princeton for vehicles over 14,500 kg
  • Drivers should be aware that that this portion of Highway 3 has several steep grades, sharp curves and speed limit reductions
  • Please consult these Information Maps (PDF, 1 MB, English) of the several challenges Highway 3 drivers will encounter
  • Check DriveBC for conditions and events that may be affecting Highway 3

Highway 5 – Coquihalla

  • This highway is fully opened to all traffic without restrictions.
  • ALL DRIVERS ARE CAUTIONED THOUGH – This is not the Coquihalla you knew.:
    • There will be necessary speed restrictions, lanes reduced to one each way.
    • There is no service for Electric Vehicles (EV), and some rest areas are without light or power.
    • The drive will be about 45 minutes longer than before.  Please have good winter tires, and a full tank of gas before starting out on this route.
  • 2021-12-15 –  Update  Images (PDF, 4.3 MB)
  • Check DriveBC for all conditions and events that may be affecting Highway 5

Highway 8

  • CLOSED from Merritt to Spences Bridge
  • Check DriveBC for conditions and events that may be affecting Highway 8
  • NEWSLETTER:  Highway 8 Newsletter #5 – Jan 10, 2022 – Jan 23, 2022 (PDF, 1 MB)

Drone flyover, Hwy 8 Recovery. (YouTube, 5:26)

Highway 11

  • OPEN – Hazelwood Avenue and Clayburn Road for 2.9 km.
    • Now open to traffic
    • One lane in each direction
    • Expect delays
    • Watch for construction and reduced speed limits
    • Check DriveBC for conditions and events that may be affecting Highway 11

Highway 99 – Pemberton to Lillooet

  • OPEN – general traffic under existing weight restrictions
  • Highway 99 still presents its own unique challenges, with very steep grades, very tight corners and very narrow stretches
  • Weight restrictions are lifted.  Cautions remain in place, however, and only local commercial traffic should be using this route.
  • No parking on shoulders
  • Road may close on short notice
  • Be prepared to shelter in place. Carry extra food, water and warm clothing.
  • Drivers unfamiliar with this route are cautioned that Highway 99 has portions that are narrow and steep (PDF, 1 MB) and may be challenging for some
  • Check DriveBC for conditions and events that may be affecting Highway 99


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