Behind the Scenes with 6 Cone Zone Workers

We often urge people to respect roadside work zones (also known as Cone Zones), especially when summer highway construction season ramps up. But as much as we support worker safety, it’s the workers themselves who have the strongest messages to share.Respect the ConeZone

They’re the ones who have experienced what can happen when drivers lose focus. They’ve been injured, or know a colleague who has. They have the firsthand stories to tell – powerful perspectives on what it’s like to have to focus on a job while placing trust in thousands of drivers they’ve never even met.

We (the Workzone Safety Alliance, that is) passed the mic to a group of workers representing some of the professions that consider the roadside their “office.”

The cast of this short film, entitled “Respect the Cone Zone: Roadside Worker Safety,” includes:

  • 2 road builders
  • 2 firefighters
  • 1 tow truck driver
  • 1 road maintenance worker

That’s just a few of the jobs that call on Cone Zones for protection; there are also flaggers, landscapers, utilities workers, rural postal delivery workers… the list goes on. Hopefully this video will help put a face to those behind the cones.

Thanks for watching.

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  1. Thanks for posting this video.

    Could you guys also post a video on the use of amber flash lamps on various type of vehicles and what do they mean. It seems evveryone these days is buying these cheap amber lamps and isplay on top of their vehicles as they gancy them.

    who all are allowed and who has the permission. Canadian Tire sells one for $35…!!