Watch and Learn How to Drive Safely in the Cone Zone

Slow down near roadside workers.

Pay attention to construction signs and traffic controllers.

Respect the cone zone.

We encourage all of the above. But what exactly does it all look like? Well, see for yourself in this video – you’re invited to get behind the wheel of a vehicle travelling through a cone zone on a BC highway.

We guide you, step by step, through a lane closure using information bubbles (Pop-Up Video-style) to highlight what to watch out for and how to adjust your driving.

Remember, a lane closure is just one type of cone zone. Cone zones can be more complex, with changing traffic patterns, uneven surfaces, and directions from traffic control personnel. This video should be seen as a high level overview touching on some cone zone basics.

Do you have any advice to add? Let us know!

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  1. Photo radars need to be brought back, especially in these areas. Sick and tired of risking my life due to dummies speeding, passing when not safe,,,, list goes on.

  2. If you want people to slow put up the appropriate speed sign. For all the effort to mark that zone an additional change of speed and a new speed sign would not have taken long to put up and would make it a safer zone.

    • Hi Richard,

      Reduced speed limit signs are often used for work zones. The slow down move over rules apply to all vehicles stopped roadside with flashing red, blue or amber lights.
      The mobile nature of these roadside vehicles means it’s not practical to have reduced speed signs. Thanks for your comment!

    • The law is the law. You need to slow to 70 – or less, no ifs ands or buts.

      It is a wonderful to think people even read signs, but with 5 years of doing traffic control I have learned two things are always true:
      -95% of drivers do not care about roadside worker safety
      -95% of drivers do not read, or comprehend, our road signs.

      Recently I watched as a vehicle drove around me, when I had the words “ROAD CLOSED, TURN AROUND” flashing on a board facing traffic and the fire dept rescue truck was parked across all three lanes. What did this person do? The logical thing of course – they tried to go around the scene by driving around the rescue truck, on the grass. It just so happened a firefighter was coming around to grab a tool when this person was trying to go around the truck. After a good smack to the hood and a talking to – the driver backed up and turned around.

  3. I would like to see a lot more of these reminders. We are having roundabouts popping up everywhere how about one on the proper use of those and if a pedestrian what are their rights and responsibilities?