Helping You Get Around Trains in a Busy Corridor

We all want traffic to keep moving—whether it’s vehicles on BC roadways, or trains transporting goods to and from our ports. This can take extra ingenuity where roads and railway tracks meet, like they do along the 70-kilometre Roberts Bank Rail Corridor (RBRC). To help vehicles avoid delays there, we’ve introduced the Railway Crossing Information System (RCIS) – six digital signs that tell motorists when trains are blocking nearby rail crossings, so drivers can choose another route.

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A Look at Some Shift into Winter Face Time

Our ministry staff join forces with local Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement officers, maintenance contractors, ICBC, RCMP and emergency responders on BC highways to remind drivers about preparing for winter driving, and hand out some helpful items. As hundreds of vehicles drove through these highway stops, they were provided with information about the importance of good winter tires and winter driving tips.