Tips and How Tos

Some suggestions and best practices when travelling BC highways to get you to your destination safely.

Be Prepared BC – Slow Down, Pull Over and Stay Inside.

When it comes to preparing for an emergency, our friends at PreparedBC know the drill. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to have them share their valuable insight on what to do if you are driving when an earthquake strikes. Read on friends… “Drop, Cover, Hold On.” If you live or travel in BC, let’s hope these four words aren’t news to you. They describe the first three life-saving actions to take during an earthquake. Drop to the...

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10 Tips to Sharing the Road Safely with Transport Trucks

Transport trucks play a big role in getting goods to markets across British Columbia. They’re also physically huge, heavy and behave much differently than you… While motorists travel on the same road as commercial transport vehicles, not all drivers are fully aware of who they are sharing the road with. Knowing the characteristics of large commercial vehicles, and how they operate, will help you stay safe on the road. The enormous size and weight of commercial vehicles mean they...

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Prepare to be Schooled: BC is Back to School

school safety

Falling leaves and cooler nights can only mean one thing: It’s back to school time. That’s right, across the province, parents are cheering and kids are groaning as they make the move back into the school routine. So dust off those driving skills and review these important back to school tips (and pay attention class – there may be a quiz on this): Tips for Drivers: There will be more traffic on the roads and busier busses starting this...

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9 Clues to Solving the Mystery of the Pilot Car

pilot care with load

You may have spotted pilot cars –  half ton pickups (typically) that escort trucks hauling gigantic loads like houses, bridge girders, windmill blades and parts of industrial plants. But did you know how they work (and how to work with them), as they help move over-size loads safely to their destination? Here’s an overview… Pilot cars guide you, the load and the load’s driver and you so that everyone gets to their destination safely. They work with and transport...

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Runaway Lanes and How to Prevent Brake Loss in Commercial Vehicles Explained

If you’ve ever driven down a mountain pass in British Columbia, you’ve likely looked up in awe at an off ramp rising up, up, up into… well, apparently nowhere. As the signs state, that is a runaway lane. In other words, it’s the road less travelled that you do not want to have to take. But, if you ever find yourself out of control down a hill, it’s the road you will be more than relieved to see. BC’s...

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Driveway Culvert Maintenance Responsibilities on BC Highways: Your Questions Answered

Do you own property along a BC highway? If you do, you may have some questions about driveway culverts and culvert maintenance. You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are constructing a new driveway culvert, or you have a pre-existing driveway culvert that needs replacing or maintenance,  it’s your responsibility to make sure it is big enough, installed correctly and functioning properly. Just like many other aspects of home ownership, maintenance is key, especially in the case of...

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How to Prevent Vehicle Fires While Travelling on BC Highways

We’ve noticed more vehicle fires on BC highways lately – especially heading up mountain passes such as the Coquihalla. That’s the bad news. The good news is most fires can be prevented with adequate maintenance on your car, truck or recreational vehicle. Here are a few things you and your mechanic should keep an eye on. Vehicle Weight It is extremely important to know (and adhere to!) how much weight your vehicle is designed to handle. That means being...

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6 Types of BC Bridges Identified

According to the dictionary, a bridge is: “a structure carrying a road, path, railroad or canal across a river, ravine, road, railroad or other obstacle”. That’s a basic and accurate description of a bridge to be sure, but here at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, we think of bridges as something more than just a structure crossing a span. We think of bridges as a special type of infrastructure. Bridges inspire. Bridges open possibilities. Bridges connect. To us,...

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