On Earth Day and Everyday – Green Matters to TranBC

Have you ever wondered what the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is doing to support green initiatives across the province? Look no further. In celebration of Earth Day we gathered some of our favourite green projects for you.

We don’t think green for just one day out of a year, we work all year long to make sure sensitive ecosystems and wildlife are protected.

That includes turtles

turtle highway safety
A turtle on the highway. Right where we don’t want a turtle to be.

…and toads

toads in bucket
We help toads migrate around BC highways.

…and mountain goats

We lured mountain goats away from salt links alongside Highway 31: 

and let’s not forget about our work for
bears, moose, deer, fish and even garter snakes!

We also work hard to make sure that our highways are
clean and free from invasive plants

Adopt a highway
Adopt a Highway is a roadside maintenance and enhancement program that’s entirely volunteer-based. >>Learn more

…and commercial trucks are more fuel efficient

…while green modes of active transportation,
such as cycling and even walking, are
available to as many people as possible…

Bike to Work Week
Active transportation grants are available for network planning and infrastructure:

…and electric vehicle chargers are available at some rest areas…

EV charging station at Terrace where Highway 16 and 37 south meet: 

Heck, we even work to help cruise ships
use less power during shore time.

Marine Shore Power Program
Plugging in at Canada Place.

So, what does being green mean to us? A lot. To learn more about how the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure “keeps it green,” follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or if you have a question about a green initiative or anything else we are working on, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I really like your green initiative. Regarding commercial carriers- there is a a trend to deck out trucks with large exhaust pipes with minimal muffler on Vancouver island. Its like they are driving a harley motorcycle . Specifically in the logging industry. Not only are they noisy , but the pollution must be horrific. Some of them sound like a plane landing. They use their engine brakes wether they are full , empty , with a trailer or with out a trailer , on flat or slight grade . The disrespect for the communities they drive thru feels like bullying. We have tried to get this issue dealt with to no avail.
    I feel these drivers are not properly trained and negatively affect 1000’s of people with this unessasary behavior. Please help.

    • Hello Virginia,

      Our Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement group regularly inspect commercial vehicles, including logging trucks. Have you connected directly with them on this concern?