Highway Thru Hell: The Complete TranBC Interview Series

With heavy snowfall warnings throughout the province, including the Coquihalla and Fraser Canyon highways, it’s a good thing we  had Highway Thru Hell’s Jamie Davis and Mark Miller visit us a few years ago, during our initial “shift into winter.” They now undoubtedly have their hands (and tow cables) full helping snowbound travellers, all while capturing the drama for Discovery Channel’s hit reality show.

From safe filming methods to lessons learned, Jamie and Mark gave us some great insights into what it’s like battling the elements and keeping two of B.C.’s most travelled highways open. We released the first of five video interviews last month. Now, with the release of the fifth and final installment of Highway Thru Hell: The TranBC Interviews, we pulled the series together – think of it as a video blog “box set” of sorts.

Catch up on the rest of the series (below).

Part 1: What do you want people to learn from watching the show?
Jamie and Mark talk about the importance being prepared for the mountain.

Part 2
What’s the biggest challenge of filming on B.C. highways?
You know those amber lights? Mark gives yet another reason to slow down and move over.

Part 3
Why do you think people watch the show?
Jamie and Mark talk about their unique cast of characters. Do you watch the show? If so, why?

Part 4
How important is your relationship with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure?
Mark discusses the ingenuity behind the Coquihalla and the importance of keeping it clear.

What have you learned from our series and the Highway Thru Hell show about travelling the Coquihalla and Fraser Highways?

Check out these tips for travelling on the Coquihalla, in winter:

What NOT to Wear on the Coquihalla

7 Things You Need to Know BEFORE Driving the Coquihalla and High Mountain Passes

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  1. I see you guys out in the worst weather clearing up accidents and hauling semis all over the place, but never see you get paid or give someone a bill or take a credit card. It’s gotta cost tons of cash to buy/ maintain that equipment let alone keep it full of petrol. How do you guys make money??

    • Hi there Frank – thanks for your comment. We are the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and met with the producer and star of the show to highlight safety messaging (shared here). If you want to talk with the folks who produce the show or with Jamie Davis Towing – we encourage you to reach out to them directly. Hope that this helps!