Highway Thru Hell: The TranBC Interviews

jamie davis

If there’s one television program out there that illustrates the need for drivers to “shift into winter,” it’s Discovery Channel’s Highway Thru Hell. The show’s action and suspense make it difficult to ignore the challenges of winter driving, especially over B.C. mountain passes.

Lessons are often few and far between in the realm of reality television – but that’s not the case with Highway Thru Hell; in fact, we pulled together some of the safe winter driving lessons viewers can learn in an earlier blog.

So imagine our delight when star of the show Jamie Davis and producer Mark Miller visited TranBC to share some of their experiences filming Season 1. We want to share their thoughts with you, so we’ve created a series of short YouTube videos, each featuring their response to one of our questions.

Our first question: What do you want people to learn from watching the show?


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  1. Thank you for forwarding my concerns to the Regional Manager of the Highways Department and the response is no surprise to me as I said in my Letter from Feb.29 2016 ask the professional Drivers of that Highway what their opinion of the Maintenance are and you will get the true Picture. I would also like to have the Contract of standard and expectation explained to me in a open Letter so I can share it with all my fellow professional Drivers. Thank you for your help. Please send my request to my E-Mail lotsadogs@telus.net

  2. The biggest Problem with the Coquihalla Highway is not the Highway but the Maintenance which is absolute minimal from the Shylock to Logan Lake. I drive that Highway with a 7o ton Truck 8 times a Week and you can see where the cut offs are for the different Maintenance Contractors up Shylock its Emil Anderson from there to Logan Lake its VSA and Logan Lake to Kamloops its Argo. VSA is doing minimal work and always have trouble maintaining the Highway when there is a Storm especially by the Snow shed there is never enough Gravel or Salt on the Road to make it Safe for the traveling Public I think our Insurance ICBC should investigate the shortcomming of the maintenance since we all pay for the Accidents with our premiums of Insurance. The only time I see any reaction on maintenance is when there is a terrible Accident and the DOT and Police are showing up. I would like to see some positive Changes made to the Maintenance of this Highway and to back me up please ask any professional Driver who frequence that Highway on a regular bases.

    • Hi Bruno,

      Thank you for connecting with us here and sharing your concerns. We will share your comment directly with the area manager for review and consideration.

    • Hi again Bruno,

      We shared your comment with the local area manager and they let us know that crews are out and active in all service areas and meeting the standard/expectations of the contract.