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7 Things You Need to Know BEFORE Driving the Coquihalla and High Mountain Passes

Coquihalla safety tips

Coquihalla, Rogers Pass, Bear Pass, Pine Pass…are you ready? If you live on the Coast, you may not travel BC’s mountains very often. We’ve noticed a number of those living in those areas aren’t always ready to go from wet Lower Mainland winter to snowy BC Interior/ Northern winter. Sure those mountains make the perfect backdrop to all those Hollywood North movies; and of course, they’re gorgeous looking when all covered in a fresh dusting of snow. Don’t be...

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A Look Behind the Scenes at Winter Maintenance in B.C.

When the snow starts falling, the plows hit the roads. Sounds like it could almost be a country song, but it’s also the theme of our latest video, which was shot on location in the east Kootenays this winter with the help of our local maintenance contractor, Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting. We touch on a lot of topics in this one, like which streets get plowing priority, how often contractors plow (spoiler: they’re plowing 24/7, if required) and the...

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Winter Driving Through the Eyes of… Paramedics

If a highway incident happens, the British Columbia Ambulance Service is one of the first responders on the scene. Paramedics such as Corey Viala and Annemarie Byers have seen a lot. And, sadly, a lot of what they’ve seen, including the injuries they’ve treated, was preventable. This is Part 1 of a Shift Into Winter interview series exploring how various people, representing various professions, experience winter driving in B.C. We begin by talking to Corey and Annemarie in hopes...

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The ABCs of Winter Highway Classification and Maintenance

Our maintenance contractors work hard every day to keep BC highways safe and traffic moving smoothly. Because British Columbia is a geographically diverse province, our contractors can face any number of unique challenges where highway maintenance is concerned, especially in winter. In order to make sure they understand exactly what is expected of them in their day to day operations, we outline our maintenance requirements in detail. Part of that detail involves classifying provincial highways. With that in mind,...

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Shift into Winter Message Sweetened for Skeena Motorists

Candies and cool freebies were delivered along with Shift into Winter safety information, to drivers at two safety checks, near Terrace on a recent Saturday. The candy sweetened the message to motorists, on Highway 16 east of town, and Highway 37 between Terrace and Kitimat, that winter is a time to be extra prepared and drive with care. Motorists received a DriveBC vehicle garbage bag full of information about how to prepare themselves and their vehicles for winter conditions,...

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Winter is Coming: Make Like a Stark and Shift Into Winter

As House Stark so often reminds us in that oh so solemn tone: “winter is coming.” (Yes, our Game of Thrones geek flag is waving proudly in the cold, blustery air). We’ve entered October, which means we’ve popped the clutch on our annual Shift Into Winter campaign. Over the next few weeks, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the rest of the Winter Driving Safety Alliance will be helping you prepare yourself and your vehicle for the wintry...

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Earn Good Winter Driving Karma, Know Others’ Pet Peeves

Driving Pet Peeves

Wikipedia defines “pet peeve” as: a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it. Wouldn’t it be great if we all understood what ticked each other off on the road – especially during winter when the elements are already stacked against us? Failing to clear the snow off your entire vehicle before the morning commute may not seem like a big deal when you’re in a hurry...

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A Salute to Salt – How Our Maintenance Contractors Make Roads Safer

Salute Salt Road Maintenance

Have you ever been behind one of our maintenance contractors in the winter and watched as they sprayed liquid on the road? It’s often mistaken for water, but it’s more than that. It’s actually salt water, or “brine,” and it’s very useful when trying to keep snow and ice off the road. If there’s just a light skiff of snow, the brine will help to melt it and prevent it from freezing again, keeping the road nice and clear....

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