Chain Up Tips You Need to Know for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles preparing for winter travel
Chain up, it’s winter out there.

Whether we like it or not, it’s true. It’s time to Shift into Winter and all drivers need to be prepared. And, and those that spend a lot of time travelling our BC roads, helping the economy move, are commercial vehicles. Below is a notice to the trucking industry that was posted a while back that we thought was worth sharing again:

“Be advised, as the winter travel season is fast approaching that you may be required to install tire chains on your vehicle at numerous locations throughout the province. Of special interest is the Coquihalla Highway #5 at Box Canyon chain-up zone (South/West of Great Bear Snowshed).

This area receives some of the most unpredictable weather in the province and is close to a number of avalanche zones. This chain up zone becomes congested quickly and ensuring the safety of all highway users by keeping the avalanche zones clear of stopped traffic is a top priority.

To improve safety in this chain-up zone, all commercial vehicle operators that do not immediately exit their vehicle and start the process of attaching tire chains will be turned around and/or towed at the owners expense. Remember, there is no parking in the chain up zones aside from the time taken to actively install chains.

Plan your trip prior to leaving, visit or follow @DriveBC on Twitter for the most up to date highway information. Remember, attempting to install tire chains for the first time while in heavy snowfall is unsafe and drivers not being able to demonstrate competency in installing the chains will be required to turnaround or be towed. Take the time to practice installation in good weather prior to proceeding into a mountain pass.”

And this might help, a video explaining how to put tire chains on commercial vehicles.

Let’s Shift into Winter safely.

If you have any suggestions on information or answers we can provide around winter driving safety and commercial vehicles, let us know in the comments below.

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