A Look Behind the Scenes at Winter Maintenance in B.C.

When the snow starts falling, the plows hit the roads.

Sounds like it could almost be a country song, but it’s also the theme of our “Winter Maintenance on B.C. Highways” video, which was shot on location in the east Kootenays winter with the help of our local maintenance contractor, Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting.

We touch on a lot of topics in this one, like which streets get plowing priority, how often contractors plow (spoiler: they’re plowing 24/7, if required) and the use of salt and winter abrasive.

Check it out and let us know, does this video answer any of your winter maintenance questions? Did it raise any new ones? Are there other videos like this you’d like to see about other topics?

If you want to drill down to more specific information on maintenance contract requirements, take a look at our blog on winter maintenance contract standards.

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