DON’T Do This Pt. III: 5 More Vehicles CVSE Wants Off the Road

“Are you guys going to continue these posters? These are pretty good, brings light to the types of things that your officers and inspectors find.

These posters also provide an educational component as well as brings public awareness to the types of safety violations that happen both in the transport industry and private transport of personal belongings.”

  • Charles, via Pt. 1 blog comment

Wanted Poster

Back by popular demand! We’ve rounded up more examples of vehicles our Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) officers have corralled due to safety infractions.

And yes, we thought of leading with a classic movie quote from some old Western, but the above comment from one of our readers was just too perfect because it hits the mark on why we continue to post these “Wanted” posters.

Some vehicle safety violations can be hidden to the naked eye. For these posters, we’ve chosen vehicles that are much less discreet – you just know something’s wrong as soon as you look at them.

But like we said, not all safety violations are obvious. We want to stress the importance of doing a thorough pre-trip inspection and using common sense when deciding to turn the ignition and take to the road.

You’ll notice a variety of vehicles are included in these posters. While CVSE focuses on commercial transport enforcement, they have the legal authority to stop any vehicle in order to address an imminent hazard (the shocking case of the Porthole Peeper is a good example of this).

Carriers and drivers, please do your homework! Safety standards are clear and available; there’s even a handy online course to help you understand National Safety Code requirements.

We know most drivers make responsible decisions when it comes to safety. Our goal here is to educate drivers about the many factors involved in making a vehicle roadworthy.

Take a gander at these vehicles CVSE wants repaired or off the road…

Van with lumber hanging out back


bulge in tire

car with unsecured loads

stacked cars loaded into truck bed

load again passenger's head

We’ll continue to post “wanted” posters like these on Flickr and Instagram as reminders. In the meantime, if you have a question about commercial vehicle enforcement, feel free to comment below.

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  1. 1How about doing something about the crotch rockets screaming down the highway?
    2 Also you people need to do something about the water spraying off the rear tires of many cars and trucks. Its no wonder these vehicles are rear ended even if they have their lights turned on.
    3 Ban the pick up trucks with the “Mudder” and the jacked up suspension systems. In some cases too the headlights are too high and do not meet motor vehicle standards.
    4 Inspect and suspend vehicles with inadequate ground clearances

  2. I have a opinion about what I see and hear on the road from other truckers. When I started driving you couldn’t just got take a course get your air brake ticket and be on your way. Someone who had a truck they owned and were willing get get a drive shaft or two broken had to teach you. Those opportunities were few and far between. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity from my girlfriend at the times Dad. He taught me properly and more to the point he taught me trucking etiquette… we always helped the trucker ahead of us with his belts and load(quicker he moved quicker we did) respect on the road. There was no tailgating, talking shit on the radio, putting people down or being completely disrespectful.
    The crap I’m seeing on the roads these days is complete garbage behavior and goes against everything I’ve learned over the years. A old trucker said it best on the radio today his words were simple
    “ You guys all need to shut up and get back to trucking’”

    I’m going to just leave it at that

    • Thanks for sharing this with us Alex. Wise words for all of us on the importance of staying in your lane and helping others so we can all get where we need to go. Safe travels.

  3. A common thing I see is people pulling trailers down the road with mirrors that don’t allow them to see behind – as in a trailer that is 8 ft wide and yet the mirrors on their tow vehicle would measure 7’2″ tip to tip…… If you can’t see behind you don’t belong on the road. I know that BC has a specific law covering this, but it’s rarely enforced.