15 Seconds to Safety: Clearing Snow Off Your Vehicle

Clearing Snow Off Vehicle
When we asked you about your winter driving pet peeves, one of the most common responses was drivers who don’t clear their entire vehicle of snow.

We’ve all seen those rolling snowballs with only the front (and maybe the rear) windows having been touched by a snow brush. There are a couple reasons why drivers who don’t clear their vehicles peeve people off.

  1. With no line of sight out the side windows or mirrors, the guilty driver has an extremely poor sense of what’s around them, which puts other drivers at risk.
  2. Snow blowing off the guilty driver’s vehicle impacts other drivers’ visibility – again, putting other drivers at risk.

Spending a little extra time clearing your entire vehicle goes a long way to improving everyone’s winter driving safety. Watch this quick video to see just how easy it is.

Did you miss the previous installments of our 15 Seconds to Safety video series? (It’s part of the Shift Into Winter campaign). Play some catch-up below.

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