Holiday Songs of Highway Safety

The holiday season: a tradition of giving, family gatherings, caroling… oh so much singing (even if there isn’t a lot of “in tune.”) But, who cares?!? ‘Tis the season! So we thought it would be a great occasion to share the TranBC version of some of those tunes, for you to enjoy regardless of your singing abilities (and not a bad way to remind folks about some of their travel information resources). Happy Holidays!

Jingle Bells lyrics for Christmas Highway Maintenance

Let it Snow lyrics promoting DriveBC

Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas lyrics promoting highway safety

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  1. Highway was so much better when it was in government.This is a fact.After 45 years doing this work I am hanging up my boots but I wont stop pointing out the failures of Privitization. I have seen the profiteers since 1988 load there pockets with cash that used to go on the roads instead of shareholders pockets.It is not better now then previuos times it is much much worse and even corrupt.No one area is better then the other they all deal with the challenges of today whether or not its climate changes,specification changes,inflation costs,certainly infrastructure changes and many more reasons.Many years ago in Government maintenance the job just got done and propetly.Now it is done with the least amount of effort and cost and definatrly oversight ny Ministry .It is profit before safety now.

    Sing the old tunes and enjoy the Holidays but this issue has not gone away in 34 years of privitization and its only going to get worse.

    Not a disgruntled worker but a proud career highway maintenance worker!