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BC Highway U-Turns Don’t Necessarily Mean YOU

The lure of making an illegal U-turn on a BC Highway can be tempting. You might think it’ll save you a bit of time. Or it’s just convenient. Or it’s a quick fix when going the wrong way. Just don’t. It’s unwise, unsafe and illegal. You might see what looks like a pull through in the middle of the road and think it’s your perfect window of opportunity to back track. STOP! It’s not for you! (Except if you’re...

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DON’T Do This Pt. II: 5 More Vehicles CVSE Wants Off the Road

We received a lot of positive feedback after sharing Part 1 of the Wanted off the Road poster series. Well, our Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) team continues to keep BC from turning into the Wild West by rounding up more vehicles travelling the roads despite serious violations. We picked out a few of the more interesting examples for a follow up poster series in order to help you understand what types of dangerous situations our CVSE team...

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