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Innovative Rockfall Netting System Aims to Improve Safety at Three Valley Gap

About 20 kilometres west of Revelstoke lies a short stretch of BC Highway 1 with a unique geography. Running in-between Three Valley Lake and the Monashee Mountains, Three Valley Gap is, quite literally, located between a rock and hard place. In fact, next to the Kicking Horse Canyon, this may be the most technically challenging section of the Trans-Canada Highway, in the entire province. We love technical challenges, but not nearly as much as we love keeping the travelling...

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Helpful Safety Advice for Sailing with Inland Ferries

You may have crossed Upper Arrow Lake on our newest ferry, the M.V. Columbia, or witnessed river power at work on the Lytton Reaction Ferry, all the while marvelling at the beauty of BC’s waterways and natural surrounds… But have you ever thought about what you would do if one of our river and lake-crossing inland ferries had problems during the trip? If you haven’t, relax – we have you covered. Our vessels transporting passengers on our 14 inland...

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Driver Safety New Year’s Resolutions

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The start of a new year is always a great time to revisit the past and plan for the future. It’s why New Year’s resolutions are so popular. Don’t believe us? Go to the gym in the first few weeks of the year. To help get you on the right foot, we’ve put together a sort of “starter kit” to help you improve your safety. This is to help you as a driver and those you share the road...

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Lose the Cruise Control in Winter

When it comes to winter driving, cruise control can make you lose control, wherever you are in B.C. Snow, ice, slush, deep pools of water and even oil on water are slippery. These winter conditions plus snowfall, fog, rain and longer hours of darkness demand your full attention and quick reactions. The problem with using cruise control in those circumstance, comes when the car in front of you swerves, wildlife steps onto the road, you skid or something else...

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Emergency Signs on BC Highways and What they Mean

We have an extensive inventory of signs in use along our highways – many of which you are familiar with. But let’s take a minute to highlight some of our emergency signs – signs which you might not see very often (or which you might notice, but not be familiar with the significance of), that could indicate a potential emergency situation for you while driving. For example, Road Flooded, Washout and Forest Fire signs let you know exactly what...

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7 Ways to Travel Safely this Easter Weekend

Easter Long Weekend.

Easter long weekend is here, the weather is getting nicer, and hitting the road to see family and friends is on the agenda. It’s really important you get to where you’re going safely (especially because there’s some wintery driving conditions on a few of our highways). Every year, over the Easter holiday, an average of three people are killed and 670 injured in 2,300 crashes throughout BC. That’s not good. Our friends over at Road Safety BC  and us put together...

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Winter Driving Through the Eyes of… Paramedics

If a highway incident happens, the British Columbia Ambulance Service is one of the first responders on the scene. Paramedics such as Corey Viala and Annemarie Byers have seen a lot. And, sadly, a lot of what they’ve seen, including the injuries they’ve treated, was preventable. This is Part 1 of a Shift Into Winter interview series exploring how various people, representing various professions, experience winter driving in B.C. We begin by talking to Corey and Annemarie in hopes...

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Winter is Coming: Make Like a Stark and Shift Into Winter

As House Stark so often reminds us in that oh so solemn tone: “winter is coming.” (Yes, our Game of Thrones geek flag is waving proudly in the cold, blustery air). We’ve entered October, which means we’ve popped the clutch on our annual Shift Into Winter campaign. Over the next few weeks, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the rest of the Winter Driving Safety Alliance will be helping you prepare yourself and your vehicle for the wintry...

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