Watch What Happens When Moose Meet Wildlife Underpass

We set up cameras at wildlife overpasses and underpasses to monitor how mammals and amphibians use them to safely cross highways. If we can watch their behaviour, we can see what’s working and what can be improved upon.

So we get excited when we capture evidence of wildlife not only understanding how to navigate the safe passageways, but also teaching their young how to use them. After all, the ministry’s wildlife underpasses and overpasses are alien environments for most species. Who can blame a youngling for feeling a bit timid entering one?

That’s exactly what happened in this first series of still photos, which we stitched together to show a moose cow’s and calf’s progress through an underpass located in southern BC.

As you can see, the mother enters the underpass three times before her calf tentatively follows behind. You parents out there can probably relate to convincing a reluctant child.

In this next video, taken from a different angle, a moose bull is seen bringing up the rear with the cow and calf leading the way through the underpass.

Learning safe routes to vital habitat is essential for these animals. Seeing this behaviour in moose is encouraging because it shows wildlife adjusting to new surroundings and teaching their young important survival tactics.

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  1. A fence & steel cattle gate has been installed at the entrance of the new wildlife underpass on highway 3 at Jaffray, B.C.! Who is in charge? This needs to be corrected!!

    • Hi Don – thanks for your message. We shared your concern with our staff in the area and they advised that Ministry of Forests is responsible for the cattle fence, are aware of concerns and working to address them. We spoke with staff from the Ministry of Forests who let us know that they had reached out to you via phone call to discuss. We hope that the information you received has satisfied your concern. Thanks again and safe travels.