Seven Ways to Safely Wrap Up Your Summer on the Road

As the warm weather continues but the summer months start running out…there is still time to get out and enjoy our beautiful province. But we want you to do it safely. Whether by motorcycle, boat, RV, car, truck, bicycle or golf cart, the best way to travel BC is to do it without incident.

Here are some resources we thought you’d find useful to read or share on modes of transportation, dangerous impacts, smart choices, furry friends and special occasions.

  1. Sharing the Road with Motorcycles – all drivers are responsible for motorcycle safety, whether you’re on the bike or the four-wheeled vehicle around it. Did you know the main factor contributing to motorcycle incidents in British Columbia is a failure by other drivers to yield the right-of-way? Drive safely and harmoniously, we all share the road.
  2. Don’t Drink and Boat – there’s nothing like being out on the water in beautiful weather. The sun, the waves, the tranquility…and adding too much alcohol to that mix can spell problems.
  3. Making the Right Move with your RV – our province is THE PLACE for a road trip, followed by setting up your recreational vehicle at one of our many campsites. And did you know? The heat from your ATV exhaust system can be enough to spark a wildfire.That leads me to…
  4. You Can Help Prevent Wildfires – you don’t have to think back very far to remember the devastation a wildfire can have on our province. Almost half of all BC wildfires are caused by people. Don’t be one of them. And there’s a few very good reasons to do your part to prevent wildfires, including a big fine.
  5. Too Hot for Pets – If it’s hot for you, it is way too hot for your pets. Unlike humans, dogs don’t release heat by sweating, so their internal body temperature rises more quickly. The air and upholstery in your car can heat up so it’s impossible for your furry friend to cool down. Never leave pets alone, for any length of time, in a parked vehicle on a warm day.
  6. Taking Resource Roads and Road Trips – Sometimes the roads less travelled can take you to some pretty spectacular spots. If you’re into hiking, mountain biking, fishing, or fancy yourself any kind of outdoor enthusiast, chances are you’ve braced yourself while navigating a resource road of some kind.
  7. Having a Special Occasion Kit – If you’re hosting an event that includes alcohol, order ICBC’s Special Occasion Support Kit which reminds guests to get home safely.  It’ll include materials encouraging people to use a designated driver or other safe options.

Enjoy your summer, our beautiful province and the many ways of getting around in it, just please do to it safely, for yourself and for others.

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  1. 8. Share the road with bicycles, always pass with a minimum of 1 meter on lower speed roads and at least 1.5m on faster roads. If it’s not safe to pass, wait until it is.

    9. Slow the F. Down.