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BC Highway photos

The road trip.

The time-honoured tradition of getting in your vehicle, turning up the tunes and heading out on the highway. There’s nothing quite like travelling the open road, soaking in the sights, sounds, and getting to know the communities along the way.

Now, there’s a “road trip”, and then there’s a BC ROAD TRIP. From coastal mountains to Interior deserts and northern lakes, there’s so much diverse terrain to cover across BC. Whether you’re travelling solo, with friends or as part of an epic family adventure, BC road trips create unforgettable memories.

This summer, we’re looking for your photos with the #BCRoadTrip hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or any other hashtag-friendly social platform. Show off your photography skills and your road trip pride!

We want to see your journeys along the Alaska Highway, the Trans Canada Highway, the Crow’s Nest, Stewart-Cassiar and all the numbered highways in between. Whether you drive professionally or you’re just taking that car or motorcycle out to explore, we would love to see BC through your eyes.

What kinds of pictures? How about…

  • Breathtaking views
  • Unique perspectives
  • Oddities
  • Cool stuff

Safety first. Please…

  • Don’t take photos while driving (it’s illegal, so leave it to your passengers)
  • Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations

So show us your #BCRoadTrip photos; we’d love to help share them, and maybe even inspire other like-minded travellers. Your image may even be featured on our Facebook or Twitter banners, too.

Safe (and picturesque) travels! And be sure to let DriveBC help guide your way.

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  1. Hey this is a great idea and a fun way to show off the wonders of the BC region. I’ll be sure to share in this fun in the coming months. Keep it going TranBC! 🙂