Adding “Pow” to the Plow for Winter Safety

Elementary school children recently painted bright designs on three snowplows and a grader for some educational fun, in Golden.

Road maintenance contractor HMC Services Inc. arranged for three fully equipped tandem axle plow trucks and one grader to attend all three of Golden’s elementary schools in October, for sessions about snow plow safety. About 300 students got to see the equipment up close, climb on it and ask questions. HMC Selkirk Division Manager Greg Ehman and his crew talked to the youngsters about where to stand while waiting for the school bus and how to ensure they are seen, by making eye contact with the snow plow driver, and advised them to build snow forts and tunnels well away from roads.

After the safety discussion, the kids were equipped with paints and brushes to paint the plow blades. Each plow received its own bright, imaginative design. At Lady Grey Elementary, once the paintings were completed, the plows drove two laps around the school grounds, blowing horns and flashing lights, to the roar of the entire school.

The plow safety sessions have been widely applauded by the community. In places where the trucks are spotted, youngsters have been heard to say, “Look Mommy, there goes my plow!” The highly original snow plow paintings put Golden students in the picture of winter road safety.

HMC was inspired to hold the snow plow educational events following the annual meeting of the BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association, where the association’s Show off the Plow public awareness program was introduced. The association is a member of the Winter Safety Driving Alliance -which together with other organizations like the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, ICBC and WorkSafeBC – has been encouraging motorists across B.C. to Shift Into Winter.

plow for winter safety

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