Community + TranBC = Safer Intersection in 100 Mile House

District of 100 Mile House

You can find the Horse Lake Road intersection on Highway 97 in the District of 100 Mile House. And if you look south, you’ll see Seventh Street, where the local high school is located.

This stretch of road remained largely unchanged for a long time, but over the years, as the community grew, traffic volumes gradually increased, and it became necessary to make some changes to keep things safe.

One issue we had to address was how buses were getting to the high school, because they didn’t have easy, direct access. Working together with the District of 100 Mile House, we were able to build a new intersection that made it easier to get to school and provided a lot of other community benefits as well.

The upgrades were carried out under the ministry’s Cariboo-Connector Four-Laning Strategy and consisted of widening the highway, adding signals and lights and improving pedestrian crossings and frontage roads. It also improved the walking trail that connects the school to the pedestrian underpass and the 100 Mile Marsh, a popular park and an excellent place for bird watching.

The project had environmental benefits, too. A specially designed pond was built to provide additional filtration for runoff water from the highway and storm drains, which helps to protect the sensitive ecosystem of the nearby marshland that’s part of a wildlife reserve bordering the highway.

The Horse Lake Road project is an excellent example of what collaboration and continued communication with the community can accomplish. And thanks to the District of 100 Mile House’s partnership, this section of highway is safer for students, pedestrians and all other highway traffic as well.

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