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What NOT to wear on the Coquihalla

It may be the 21st century, where almost anything goes as far as fashion is concerned…but don’t tell that to the Coquihalla. As far as this mountain pass is concerned, if you don’t show up for class in proper winter attire, you can prepare to get schooled. You see, mountain passes in B.C. subscribe to the “be prepared” school of fashion and they like to see their guests arrive properly dressed, to say the least. If not, you will...

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Winter Safety Tips – Preparing for the Road Less Travelled

Winter is here, so we asked some of our resident experts for their top safety tips. And here’s the result! It really boils down to “be prepared”, but here’s what you can do to make life easier if your vehicle breaks down or you become lost or stranded in the snow. Of course, if this happens on a main highway, you’ll probably be found pretty quickly by our maintenance contractor or other passersby. But if you’re driving on the...

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