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Roadside Worker Safety: How Do You Look at It?

People find laws easier to follow when they understand the point, or value, of them. After surveying drivers about roadside worker safety as part of the annual Cone Zone campaign, which runs May to August, we were reminded how important this is to keep in mind. The laws protecting roadside workers cover two types of worksites: Worksites on or beside a road, cordoned off by cones. “Mobile worksites” around vehicles stopped on the roadside with red, blue or amber...

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What it Takes to Keep 300,000 People Safe During a Special Event

If you’ve been to a special event in Surrey, chances are Kathie Haidon was on scene making sure it was running smoothly. Kathie is the City of Surrey’s Traffic Management Coordinator and Special Events Traffic Management Coordinator. Yes, that’s long title, but only because it’s a big job. Last year, the City of Surrey hosted 186 special events, 142 of which required traffic control. The city’s biggest event – the Vaisakhi Parade in April – attracted more than 300,000...

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A New Sign of the Times: It Pays to Slow Down in the Cone Zone

“Please slow down in the cone zone.” You might have heard us say these words before and with good reason: Construction zones can be full of countless unexpected hazards for workers and for you. It is in everyone’s best interest to slow down in the cone zone, in case you need to suddenly stop. In order to “drive home” the understanding that speeding in construction zones is unacceptable, we changed the wording on our work zone speed sign to...

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