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High Friction Surface Treatment Sticks Up for Quick Stops

road work

Drivers are getting a serious grip at 14 high-collision locations throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island with the application of high friction surface treatment. High friction? Yeah, basically the roads at four interchange off-ramps and 10 intersections are getting coarser to reduce skidding, and thus, decrease braking distances. Here’s how it works: using an automated truck-mounted machine, crews lay down specialized aggregate overtop a resin binder. The type of aggregate is called calcined bauxite, which is extremely hard...

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Unpacking a Big Bundle of Highway 16 Improvements in PG 

  A big bundle of highway improvements have been underway in Prince George to keep commuters, commercial vehicles and local traffic safely on the move. Here are some highlights of our package of PG projects. The Biggie – Highway 16 – Bunce to Blackwater This biggest project in the bundle has many pieces to it. The largest is the 3.4-kilometre expansion of Highway 16 to four lanes, west of the city, from Bunce/Gauthier to just east of Jensen Road....

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Return of the Cone Zone – Making the Road a Safer Place to Work

Last year about this time, we posted a story about the Cone Zone – a campaign designed to raise awareness about the safety of the thousands of folks who spend their days working on or next to the road. They might be traffic controllers, emergency crews, utility workers or any one of dozens of different occupations, which share a common hazard – traffic. Like everyone else who uses our roads, we need to make sure these people are as...

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Spring Cleaning: Why Wash a Bridge?

spring maintenance bridge

Just as people regularly maintain their vehicles, to extend their vehicle’s life, the ministry looks after its bridges to ensure they perform safely, for as long as possible. Over the winter, bridges get dirty from the sand, gravel and anti-icing chemicals that are spread on icy roads. So, when spring comes, it’s time for annual bridge cleaning. As with vehicles, the longer dust and road salt sit on painted bridge metal, the more it wears and fades paint. Even...

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