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Know When to Slow for Weather With Variable Speed Signs

If you are unable to view this video, click here to watch on our YouTube channel. We’re big fans of the maxim: “drive to conditions.” Highway travellers improve their safety dramatically by following those three words, especially in winter. Our highway engineers set speed limits based on IDEAL driving conditions – think bare, dry roads and warm, clear weather. Once factors mess with these conditions – be it fog, rain, snow… whatever – drivers should adjust by slowing to...

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How Well Do You Know the Coquihalla?

Highway 5

The Coquihalla is one of the most popular highway mountain passes in BC. You’ve probably driven it a few times, whether as a commuter or a BC traveller, or TONS of times as a commercial driver. But how well do you know this stretch of highway?

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What’s Shakespeare’s Connection to the Coquihalla?

  If you’ve ever driven the Coquihalla Highway, you’ve probably noticed names like Shylock, Othello, Juliet, Portia. And if you’re a fan of English literature, you’d also probably recognize these names as characters penned by none other than the Bard of Avon himself – William Shakespeare. So what’s Shakespeare doing on the Coquihalla? As often happens along highways, many of the road names in this area are derived from features that were in place before. In this case, the...

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Now Showing: New BC HighwayCams

DriveBC view of Highway 3 at Princeton

A few months ago we did a Tell TranBC survey asking where you’d like to see more BC HighwayCams. We received more than 730 responses and captured the highlights of your suggestions in a blog. Many of your suggestions were identified as “coming soon” and this week we are happy to announce that we recently added eight new cams to our repertoire, a couple of which you might recognize. Sunday Summit, just South of Princeton on Highway 3 (above)has...

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