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Everything You Need to Know About Travel Advisories on BC Highways

Ministry staff and our highway maintenance contractors work around the clock to keep travellers on BC highways moving safely, but sometimes extreme weather (or other emergency conditions) create special circumstances that can pose challenges for motorists.  When that happens we place a specific travel advisory on DriveBC to help bring attention to the event and help travellers make better plans based on those conditions. We take a number of factors into consideration when we post a travel advisory, such...

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Black Ice: What It Is and How to Handle It

winter conditions

Picture this. You’re driving your car on a northern highway in British Columbia. It’s just before 8 am on a frosty February morning. While the road appears bare, you do notice snow along the side of the highway as you drive. Should be clear sailing – right? Don’t be so sure. This is exactly when you should be on the lookout for black ice, so don’t let your winter driving guard down just yet. Even though our maintenance contractors...

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Prepare to be Schooled: BC is Back to School

school safety

Falling leaves and cooler nights can only mean one thing: It’s back to school time. That’s right, across the province, parents are cheering and kids are groaning as they make the move back into the school routine. So dust off those driving skills and review these important back to school tips (and pay attention class – there may be a quiz on this): Tips for Drivers: There will be more traffic on the roads and busier busses starting this...

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Why Would a Highwaycam Go Down during a Traffic Incident?

We receive a lot of questions about our highwaycams. We’ve talked about some of the more popular ones in You Asked: The Top Five DriveBC WebCam Questions. But lately there’s been another question that’s come up: why do highwaycams go down when there’s been a traffic incident nearby? Just to be clear, highway cams don’t always go down when there’s been an incident, and if they do, you can be sure we’re working to get them back up and...

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Take the Shift Into Winter Test, Win New Treads

Are you prepared for winter? And, by that, I mean fully prepared? Getting ready for the wintry months ahead requires a significant shift in vehicle, mind and soul. Well, maybe just those first two. Point is, properly equipping your vehicle is just as important as possessing the necessary winter driving skills to safely handle changing road conditions. If you think you’re already prepared, great… Prove it! Take the Winter Driving Safety Alliance five-question multiple choice quiz and be entered...

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11 Routes to Pet-Friendly Road Travel

pet friendly travel

Our pets are our close companions, and for many people, it’s difficult (emotionally and/or logistically) to leave them behind when going on a road trip. However, not putting some pre-trip thought and preparation into your journey, could cause a lot of unhappiness for humans and critters. Here’s how to hit the road with Rover (or Princess, or Sheba or Buster…) and some tips to make your expedition a travel dream come true. 1) Consider the Animal’s Needs – Driving...

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Winter Wildlife Watch: The Majestic Moose

The majestic moose is the second largest animal in B.C. and ranges through most of the province, with the exception of coastal areas and southern B.C.’s dry valleys. But it’s a regal beast you don’t want to get too close to. That’s why you’ll see moose warning signs posted by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure along some stretches of highway. Weighing up to 600 kilograms and standing as tall as two metres high at the shoulder, moose are...

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