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BC on Fire: How We Help Battle the Blaze

In 2017, the wildfires that ravaged the interior of BC were the worst our province has ever seen. More than 1,200,000 hectares of the province were impacted by wild fires – surpassing the 1958 record of 856,000 hectares.  At the peak of the emergency – thousands of people were evacuated from their homes, many vital sections of our transportation network were closed and a thick blanket of smoke hung across our province – giving us all some perspective of...

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Crashes and Highway Closures: Why the Delay?

When any BC highway is closed due to a crash, some of the questions and comments we get are: “Why is it taking so long to open the road?” “Don’t you just take some pictures and move the vehicles to the side?” “Surely you can open one lane; there are lots of people waiting.” These are good questions, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. When there is likelihood there may be criminal charges or someone is killed or seriously...

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