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Snapshots in Time: Who is the “Highways Department”?

If you’ve visited us here before, you probably know that sometimes, we like to kick it old school. We throw it back here, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with pictures, video and stories about how the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure helped play a role in the development of beautiful British Columbia. We’re proud of our history.  In fact, some of our older ministry staffers refer to “Highways Department” folks (our old name), as bleeding orange and white...

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BC Road Trip Time Machine: Lytton to Revelstoke, circa 1966

You asked for this one and we are happy to deliver it. Step back in time with us as we travel BC Highway 1 from Lytton to Revelstoke, circa 1966. This super cool, historical photolog video captures one of the most important transportation routes in BC – the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s the primary east-west route through the province, a big part of our Pacific Gateway program and a vital link between British Columbia and the rest of Canada. We...

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