These Photos Will Make You Want to Travel BC

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

– Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Whenever summer hits, and we here at TranBC are tethered to our office computers, we find it uplifting to think about all the journeys people are enjoying, all the epic explorations taking place via the time-honoured BC road trip.

We thought it would be inspiring for our readers and social media community if we collected and shared some of these road trip moments (with your permission, of course). So, when summer began, we asked you to share your BC road trip photos by tagging us and/or using the hashtag #BCRoadTrip on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

We called it the BC Road Trip Photo Quest (nice ring to it, eh?).

You came through bigtime – that was no surprise. But what was surprising was how diverse the shots ended up being. We received photos from commercial drivers, motorcyclists and RV drivers; some showing mountains and ocean, others desert and hills.

Now that long days and hot nights are coming to a close, we want to share the top 10 BC Road Trip photos that were shared with us. Here they are, in no particular order.

Photographer: Heidi H Sunshine, via Facebook
Place: Duffey Lake Road, near Lillooet
Why we like it: The layers of mountains, the waterfall that looks like a ponytail, the beam of sunlight illuminating the red motorcycle… what’s not to like? Being on the move is great, but this is a good reminder to stop once in a while and soak it all in; or else, as Ferris Bueller once said, “you could miss it.”

Photographer: @pcroft, via Facebook
Place: Mount Robson Visitor Centre, Highway 16
Why we like it: It’s one of those photos that could be confused for a painting. The lines and angles of the visitor centre roof complement the mountains in the background, and it’s all framed nicely. Overall, it makes us feel welcome to rest, enjoy a picnic, and admire the views, and that’s exactly what a visitor centre is all about.

Photographer: @SaanichGAS, via Twitter
Place: Saltery Bay, Sunshine Coast Highway 101
Why we like it: King of the world! Just kidding. Still, this photo captures the feeling you get when embarking on a coastal ferry on a beautiful day, with the ocean waters and mountainous horizon spread out before you.

Photographer: @JorgeMatias679, via Twitter
Place: Rudy Johnson Bridge, Fraser River, between Williams Lake and Soda Creek
Why we like it: Bridge photos from this perspective usually communicate a sense of accomplishment – confronting an obstacle and finding a way to defeat it. This was true with this bridge, built out of the will and determination of Rudy Johnson in 1968. Watch its construction in this historical video.

Photographer: @SamTheCatHerder, via Twitter
Place: Slim Creek Rest Area, Highway 16
Why we like it: When we revamped and re-introduced the Garbage Gobblers to various rest areas, we really hoped they’d put smiles on people’s faces like the originals did from the late 1950s to early 1980s. So seeing this photo makes us smile, too.

Photographer: Jamie Swakum, via Facebook
Place: Highway 8, between Merritt and Spences Bridge
Why we like it: Seeing Bighorn Sheep is a thrill, and this photo packs an extra surprise… see it? (Hint: look up). This pic also provides an important safety reminder to watch for these and other wildlife on highways.

Photographer: Glen Greenwood, via Facebook
Place: Kootenay Bay, Highway 3A
Why we like it: Ah, don’t you love it when the water is so calm it reflects? The soaring bird and wispy clouds add to the serenity of this image. Not a bad place to wait for a ride.

Photographer: @pacificnorthwestkate, via Instagram
Place: Kitsumkalum Lake, Nisga’a Highway 113
Why we like it: Taking a lively photo of something as inert as a sign can be a challenge. But Kate got creative with the composition here, incorporating the sign’s subject matter – the valley connecting the Naas and Skeena rivers – as much as the Stop of Interest sign itself.

Photographer: @Junah_B, via Twitter
Place: Salish Sea, BC Ferries
Why we like it: Junah had perfect timing here on his way to Vancouver Island. Mt. Baker provides a stunning backdrop to the BC Ferries Salish Eagle vessel.

Photographer: @LaoneHuman, via Twitter
Place: Nicola Lake, Highway 5A
Why we like it: Like many commercial truck drivers, @LaoneHuman uses a dash cam as a way of recording road events. Of course, the dash cam also captures some striking images. This photo – presenting an open, winding, road and the desert hills reflecting off Nicola Lake – shows the special bonus that comes with being an intrepid traveller in BC.

Big thank you to everyone who invited us to “tag along” on your road trips this summer. You’ve definitely inspired us to explore some new places, and we hope our readers feel the same way.

Got a favourite in our top 10? Let us know in the comments section. And, as always, safe travels.

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