Behind the Scenes: Train Crosses Major Milestone, Highway 97

Can’t you hear the whistle blowing?

This summer (June 2017, to be exact), the first train went over the new CN Rail crossing at the Stone Creek to Williams Road project.

This is a significant milestone for the project, which is upgrading 3 km of Highway 97 from two lanes to four lanes as part of the Cariboo Connector Program. With the new bridge now operational, crews are now turning their attention to decommissioning and removing the old bridge.

Following that, crews will begin widening the highway under and just after the bridge to accommodate four lanes. The new CN Rail overhead will have a clearance of 5.5 m once the project is completed in fall 2018.

This section of Highway 97 is approximately 25 km south of Prince George, between two recently improved Cariboo Connector four-lane projects. The completion of this project will result in about 11.5 km of continuous four-laning along Highway 97.

Watch the project unfold in this video.

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