Challenging BC’s Best of the Best Vehicle Inspectors

The hustle. The sweat. The pressure to be the best…

Commercial vehicle inspectors put their safety sense to the test at the 2016 CVSE Inspectors’ Challenge in Victoria, BC, June 13-17, 2016. The annual competition places seven CVSE inspectors under intense scrutiny in timed events, each competitor striving to show he or she is the sharpest at detecting hazardous vehicles, loads and drivers.

The inspectors competed in four main competitions:

  • Truck and trailer inspection, including driver;
  • Dangerous goods inspection, where competitors apply packaging standards for transportation of dangerous goods, making sure the vehicle is in compliance with regulations;
  • Motor coach (i.e. passenger bus) mechanical inspection;
  • Cargo tank inspection, where competitors check paperwork and components of cargo tank to make sure proper products are being hauled, and the tank complies with specifications.

Castlegar’s Trevor Todd emerged victorious from this year’s competition, and advances to compete at the CVSA North American Inspectors Championship in Indianapolis.

CVSE Challenge Coordinator Richard Roberts, who was the North American Grand Champion in 2006, believes Trevor’s experience south of the border will benefit the rest of CVSE.

“The training that we receive provincially and at the North American competition is excellent,” he says.

“When we get down south, we’re trained by some of the best trainers in North America. We’re able to take that training, utilize it during the competition and bring it back to BC and put into the field with our inspectors.”​

Catch some of the fast-paced action in this video.

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  1. I have been contemplating joining the CVSE team for a few years now. I have been in the commercial transportation industry for 30 years and think the time has come to advance my employment. Where can I find information on if or when they will be hiring external applicants ?