What’s the Difference Between TranBC and DriveBC on Twitter?

What's the difference betwen TranBC and DriveBC on Twitter
Han Solo and Chewbacca…  Batman and Robin… Robin Hood and Little John…

A dynamic duo is usually two things:

  1. United by a common goal or cause
  2. Made up of two distinctive personalities

We at TranBC and DriveBC are not heroes. Nay, we are but people from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, united by the goal to give you the knowledge and tools you need to make informed decisions about travelling B.C. highways.

Our approaches to tweeting differ, yet complement each other. When an incident occurs on a B.C. highway, we team up in order to get you the information you need as efficiently as possible. So, for example, while DriveBC will be the first to report a highway closure and share info as and when you need it to make your travel decisions, TranBC will explain what the ministry is doing to reopen the highway.

To help explain how this partnership works, we created an infographic that guides you through a case study: a rockfall on BC Highway 1 near Boston Bar. Please take a look to see a summary of how events played out on Twitter.

infographic with tweets from DriveBC and TranBC


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  1. The pair of you have helped with my winter driving decision each year. I look forward to the ongoing information from TranBC and when I need to know what is happening NOW, I go to DriveBC on twitter and their own page.