Happy Social Media Day! Where Do You Engage?

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We are always looking for new ways to engage with you – listening to what matters most to you and discussing what we do as the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and how we do it. We have been branching out over the last year to try to connect with you in many new ways and what better way to showcase where the conversations are happening than on Social Media Day. (We didn’t make it up, it’s an actual day. Official in at least one B.C. city, but unofficial in most). Here’s a quick tour of our regular haunts online:

Instagram – one of the most popular social platforms, here you’ll find us sharing stunning BC road trips, progress on some of our projects and nostalgic looks back at our history. Whether the main Instagram feed or through Stories, we hope you’ll find our visual tales interesting.

Pinterest – an online pinboard site which allows you to collect information and eye-catching images onto your own “boards”. We are still playing with this social platform to test it out and hope to share your great B.C. photos as well as a few of our own.

Good ol’ TranBC – Our blog is the hub of everything we do. We tackle the most frequently asked questions about what we do, milestones of our big projects and cool details of our job that you might find interesting. If you have any suggestions for future blogs, we’re all ears. Let us know on one of the social media platforms below. We also have just launched Tell TranBC, a monthly rotating question that allows us to hear what you have to say.

Facebook – You like to connect with your friends and family here, but did you know that you can engage with us there too? We share photos and videos of project work we do in your community and around B.C., and post links to information that we think you will find interesting or important. We also like to answer any questions or direct you to the right resource on topics you want to know more about.

Twitter – Is a micro blogging site that allows for discussion in 140 characters or less. This short but sweet narrative gives people a snapshot of information and is great for topical information. We use twitter to get the word out in two ways:

  • @DriveBC – gives you timely travel information and updates so that you make informed driving choices.
  • @TranBC – highlights some of our initiatives and projects to move you and the economy around the province, engages with you any transportation topic that matters to you, and shares trivia and cool photos from travelling around this pretty great province.

Flickr – Ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? On Flickr, our pictures can say things in a more visual way. For example, our image of the Herrling Mudslide on the Trans Canada Highway last June told the story of the size and scope of the incident. We also love sharing your photos of our transportation network. Some pretty amazing photographers here.

YouTube – You are probably no stranger to this site and neither are we. We like to collect and post videos here that showcase the many different jobs we do here at the ministry. Videos provide dynamic story-telling and information sharing, and we want to make sure we’re providing content in a way you find interesting.

Social media is changing the way we all share, understand and consume information. We’re hoping to connect with you, on the social platform you prefer to talk about B.C. transportation. If Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Flickr, TranBC or Pinterest isn’t what you use, please let us know. And, Happy Social Media Day. (honest, it’s a real day)

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  1. Further to my comment yesterday regarding ditch erosion on the north side of Reed Road downhill from Chamberlin Road above Granthams Landing, today I noticed some very thorough and expensive ditch creation across the road as part of the Church Road well field project. The trouble here is that virtually no water runs down the south side of Reed Road. I have explained this repeatedly in the past and I sincerely hope that you intend to divert the water from the north side of Reed Road west of Chamberlin so that it has the opportunity to enjoy this exciting new run to the destruction of the west side of Fisher Road downstream. Otherwise, you have wasted thousands of dollars and failed to address the critical erosion of the ditch on the NORTH side of Reed Road to which I, and others, have repeatedly referred.