Give a Farmer a Brake! Watch for Slow Moving Farm Vehicles on the Roads

Be highway aware and drive safely

Spring, summer or fall, you may be itching to rush to the lake and enjoy the weather, but not so fast. During those months of growing and harvesting, it’s always time to respect our slow moving farm vehicles.

A farm vehicle is a commercial vehicle, subject to many of the same rules as typical carriers. Slow moving farm vehicles normally travel on the highway at a speed of 40 km/h or less and are subject to specific restrictions, like travelling through high traffic tunnels or along major highways.

Slow down
Sign for Caution

These vehicles must display an orange triangle with a red border on the back of the vehicle as near to the centre as possible. If you come upon a slow moving vehicle, only pass when it is safe to do so.

Our province supports a wide variety of agriculture, which use farming equipment ranging from ploughs to cattle carriers. Highway safety is our highest priority, so please exercise caution when following vehicles towing farming tools. Did you know that cattle farms are the most common types of farms in British Columbia? They make up one-quarter (24.8%) of all farms, followed by fruit farms with 14.5%, horse and pony farms with 12.6%, and hay and fodder crop farms at 9.9%.

Here are some other types of farming in British Columbia:

Be Aware of Farm Vehicles in this Area
Be aware, there are farm vehicles about.
  • forest seedling and seed production
  • herb production
  • horse rearing
  • horticulture
  • aquaculture
  • Christmas trees
  • poultry and egg production
  • turf production
  • wool, hide or feather production

So the next time you find yourself in line behind a slow moving farm vehicle – relax, and enjoy the scenery along our rural highways and byways. You will be rewarded with blueberries (or Christmas trees, or eggs, or toques, or basil, or trout, or hay rides….)

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  1. So, I had a question, the town where I live in B.C. has many smaller orchard type operations. There are frequently farm tractors driving down public roads, often literally across town, crossing highways etc. My understanding is that they are only allowed to be on the road traveling from one part of the SAME farm to another… not entirely different farms across town. No license plates, no orange triangle if they are traveling 15 to 20kms distances should they not instead be trailering their tractor to where they are going?or at least have the proper license plate and insurance?

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we need to redirect you to ICBC for a response on your question as they would know the details on insurance requirements.

  2. Have a question…had a fender bender last week with a car that past on the left while I was turning left. Had a triangle on the tractor. But the driver of the car says I’m at fault. Any thoughts on the matter would be helpful

    • Dang it! We are sorry to hear about your fender bender and we hope everyone is okay. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to comment on this incident. We hope it all works out for you though and that you have a fruitful farming season despite it. Thanks for connecting with us here.