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The Story of the Highway 97 Alphabet

Highway 97 Lettering

Scan around Canada’s highway system and you’ll find that BC is the only province to have an A, B, C and D version of a highway. In this province, those letters are tagged onto Highway 97 – as in Highways 97A, 97B, 97C and 97D. But why is that? It turns out that in the Okanagan, locals view Highway 97 as intrinsic to the region’s identity. (After all, another name for Highway 97 which stretches from the BC/US border...

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Keeping Your Safety in Mind on Highway 5A

Travellers of Highway 5A might be interested to learn that the corridor will be getting a bit of a facelift this summer after a recent announcement that approximately 23 kilometres of the highway, between Nicola Lake and Stump Lake Ranch will be resurfaced. New delineators will also be added to this stretch of highway to improve visibility. Other safety improvements coming to Highway 5A include the installation of an additional LED curve warning sign, and a new roadside pullout...

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