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How to be an Emergency Smart Traveller

Our friends at PreparedBC are your go-to for all things emergency prep – both for the home and while you’re out exploring the province. So we invited them to share instructions on what you can do to incorporate emergency preparation into your travel plans.    The journey is the destination, and with British Columbia’s breathtaking scenery you’ll likely make a few stops along the way during summer vacay. Understanding the potential risks and considering them in your travel plans...

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Bridging the Week: Thanksgiving Style

This week we welcomed the month of October, the time of year when we start to wind down our summer maintenance activities and gear up for winter. Such is the ebb and flow of life in the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. This long weekend, many of us will gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving, the gift of sharing and being grateful for the things we have at hand. We are grateful to work with countless people across the province...

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Flood Management: Our Role in Keeping Floodwaters at Bay

BC Flood

  Spring Flowers, or is it Showers? Well, depending on where you live, spring showers don’t bring flowers, they bring freshet (rapid snowpack melt and overwhelmed stream channels) and sometimes flooding. Since rising water can also impact the flow of traffic, we often have a role in flood management by managing and maintaining the provincial highway system. Whatever the water level, we have people on the job to get you where you need to go. The ministry activates flood...

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Drive Flood Smart: Find Higher Ground or Turn Around

Drive smart during a flood

If you’re Flood Smart you also drive smart – or you don’t drive at all. During a flooding situation, road closures can take place across B.C. and driving your vehicle can become increasingly hazardous. DriveBC’s safety partner, Emergency Management BC, wants to remind British Columbians of these important points before getting into their vehicles: Plan & Monitor: Know the risks before getting into your vehicle. Monitor your local radio stations, TV, local government websites, and DriveBC’s road closure and...

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