Symbol of Sikh Resilience Honoured with Stop of Interest Sign

Sikh settlers’ efforts to build a spiritual and community home in the early 1900s, while making Canada their new home, are now recognized by a BC Stop of Interest sign.

A sign for the Gur Sikh Temple was unveiled at the Gur Sikh Temple and Heritage Museum, in Abbotsford, on April 14, 2019. The temple is the oldest still-standing Sikh gurdwara in North America, and was designated a National Historic Site, on July 31, 2002. Honouring the structure and those who built it in April, was especially significant as that’s Sikh Heritage Month in BC, and when Vaisakhi is celebrated to mark the start of the agricultural year and commemorate the origins of the Sikh faith and traditions.

Why Beloved Barlee Would Smile at New Stop of Interest Signs

What would a high-profile historian say about the 75 new BC Stop of Interest signs to be created? We asked Bill Barlee’s daughter, Veronica Barlee, a senior policy advisor with the provincial government.
Veronica graciously agreed to talk with us about her father’s role in preserving and sharing BC’s colourful history, and how new Stop of Interest signs will help to continue Bill Barlee’s work.
Barlee passed away in 2012, at the age of 79. He remains a beloved figure in BC – host of an award-winning television series Gold Trails and Ghost Towns, author-publisher of a history magazine and two books, collector of artifacts, and past provincial government minister.