About the Avalanche Safety Program

Avalanche Quick Facts

  • We look after nearly 1,400 avalanche paths throughout the province.
  • Each winter, all of our provincial avalanche-related closures add up to an average of about 370 hours.
  • Most avalanche-related closures (about 80 per cent) last no longer than two hours.

Our provincial highways pass through some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world.

While some of these routes can be affected by avalanches, our Avalanche Safety Program keeps these roads safe.

Ministry staff constantly monitor conditions, and if the risk of an avalanche is too great, they will close and evacuate the highway until the danger is past.

Further winter preparedness information for highway travellers is available on the Winter Driving and at the Shift Into Winter sites.

Visit the Avalanche Advisory Page and DriveBC for more information about current road conditions.

Learn about travelling in an avalanche area in B.C..

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