Burrowing Badger Caught on BC Wildlife Underpass Cam

Hello there Badger!

No – this isn’t Mr. Badger of Wind in the Willows fame, nor is it the viral “Crazy ___ Honey Badger” of YouTube fame… this is the American Badger, a somewhat reclusive member of the Canadian Endangered Species list and the only badger of its kind in Canada. Keeping travellers of all kinds moving safely along our highways is our number one priority and badgers are no exception to this rule. Our wildlife underpasses (and overpasses) are popular paths for wildlife and we monitor them with cameras to see how and when wildlife use them, to get a better sense of ways we can improve our passages.

Our cams captured a group of American Badgers doing a bunch of badger things like: roaming, sniffing, digging and, well, just chilling in our underpasses. We even spotted a badger with a ground squirrel in its mouth for supper!

We just had to share with you. You can watch the video below (or on YouTube here):


Did You Know?

  • A badger lives in an underground burrow
  • American badgers are almost entirely solitary, except female badgers with kits. On the other hand, the European badger lives in clans or “cetes”
  • Badgers can run up to 30 km per hour

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  1. Lately, with headlines of improving habitats and ecosystems, I am wondering if greater numbers of badgers, wolverines and other endangered wildlife are starting to show up in your cameras.