Do You Have a Permit for That?

filling out a highway permit

If you’re looking to use our highways beyond the regular to and from home or road trips, you may have to look at getting a permit.

Do you want to film a movie on a BC highway?

Do you want to carry a HUGE load on your truck?

Do you need to move some cattle?

To be able to do these things (and a few others), you’ll need to apply for a permit.

Commercial Vehicle Permits

A commercial vehicle permit is required for a vehicle and/or load in the following situations:

  • to operate a vehicle and/or load on a provincial road or highway where the size or weights exceed legal requirements
  • a non-resident commercial vehicle needing to operate in BC for a single trip
  • a non-resident commercial vehicle travelling into or through BC that is required to pay a fuel tax.

The Commercial Vehicle Permits Online site will allow you to apply for these permits. You can also contact the Provincial Permit Centre, which provides permit information for any of the following permits:

  • non-resident commercial vehicle permits
  • term oversize and overweight permits
  • single trip oversize and overweight permits
  • motor fuel tax permits
  • highway crossing permits
  • extra-provincial temporary operating permits

Provincial Highway Permits

Any construction activity within the rights-of-way of a provincial road or highway must have the approval of the ministry. You must have a permit to occupy the right-of-way and/or develop properties in “Controlled Areas” (the area within a radius of 800 metres from the intersection of a controlled access highway with any other highway). According to Section 52 of the Transportation Act, ministry approval is required for:

Filming and Special Events

Sometimes, film makers and special event organizers want to stage their events on our highway. and we accept permit applications for events and development on or near provincial highway routes and facilities. We want those projects to run as smoothly as possible so we have permits available for those:

Planning a Cattle Drive

Farmers occasionally organize cattle drives to move livestock from one location to another. In the process of moving cattle, it’s sometimes necessary to cross a provincial highway. One of the things to consider is how much traffic there typically is on the highway you are crossing

If you have any questions, contact your local district office. They will provide you with answers and help you through the process, whether it’s a TV show, a movie, a big load, a new construction project or a cattle drive. Safe travels!

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