The History of BC Highway Information Communication

How do you get your road condition information? Email alerts? On Twitter @DriveBC? Watching BC HighwayCams?

Before, before the internet, before television, heck – even before radio, British Columbians have been exploring this beautiful province in their cars; and ever since those cars started rolling out and about – highway travellers have been looking for information on road conditions. That is where our journey to communicate road condition information began and it continues to this very day – the safety of the travelling public is our first priority after all.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and learn about the many ways we’ve communicated road condition information with you over the years (radio, television, fax, telex, ministry weather stations, 1-800 numbers, websites, SMS messaging, webcams, email alerts, Twitter, Facebook to name a few).

DBC 10 timeline-4
Wow – quite the list, huh? It’s been an exciting ride and we’ve been honoured to take it with you. Do you have something to add or a comment to share? We love making a connection with you, so let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or Facebook… Safe travels all.

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  1. Very impressive! It shows that a few creative people who embrace new technologies can make the world a safer place through open communication. Thinking back on the times decades ago when I had to drive through dangerous conditions with only guessing about what lay ahead makes me realize how much easier we have it nowadays due to your commitment to safety.

    • Thanks Steve – getting comments like this make our day! Not to toot our horn but we do consider some of our communication innovations second to none and appreciate it when they are acknowledged. 🙂 Safe travels!

  2. Wow, a lot I didn’t know about how to check conditions before 1990. A great history sum-up. Just like checking those old bulletin boards, I love being able to see conditions and road events on Instagram and Twitter. Really easy to set alerts so I don’t miss anything. It’s definitely more efficient then a corkboard!