Talk About an Information Highway – Open 511 meets DriveBC

DriveBC_website_sunburstBC highway condition and event information is wide open.

Open511 that is.

We are thrilled to announce that valuable highway information (or data) such as: road closures and construction work, is now available to you as Open511– DriveBC.

What will you do with all this great data? We are excited to find out.

What is Open511?

Open511 stems from the open data movement, which is basically the idea that certain data should be available in a standard format for everyone to use and republish without restriction. By encouraging the open sharing of our data, we hope to see the creation of new ideas and new tools that will prove invaluable to BC highway travellers.

The core components of Open511 are:

Open511-DriveBC is the first Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Application Programming Interface (API) released by the province with data licensed under the Open Government License. You can find government data set information (and more information on open data in BC) at DataBC.

What does Open511 mean for you?

In a nutshell, Open511 means that any application or web developer can now incorporate British Columbia’s provincial road event and condition information into their apps and that means seamless road event information for you.Talk about an information highway – the potential for innovation is nearly unlimited!

Now that this important data is in your hands, all that remains to be seen are the amazing things you will do with it. Looking for more information on this or any other transportation related question? Let us know in the comments below.

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