Prepare to be Schooled: BC is Back to School

student safety for returning to school
Falling leaves and cooler nights can only mean one thing: It’s back to school time. That’s right, across the province, parents are cheering and kids are groaning as they make the move back into the school routine.

So dust off those driving skills and review these important back to school tips (and pay attention class – there may be a quiz on this):

Tips for Drivers:

  • There will be more traffic on the roads and busier busses starting this week. Give yourself some extra time for your commute just in case.
  • Slow down and pay extra attention in school zones. Even though kids may dread going back to school – most of them are over the moon to see their friends again, so much so that they may forget the rules of the road. Be their extra eyes and ears out there. Thanks.

Tips for Parents:

  • Review the rules of the road with your children (as pedestrians and cyclists). Map out your child’s walking (or cycling) route to school ahead of time, so they know exactly where to go on their first day.

Tips for Kids:

  • Keep your eyes and ears open! This means no headphones or devices while you are walking to or from school. Watch where you are going and listen for traffic.
  • Don’t assume that cars will stop for you. Make eye contact with drivers BEFORE you step into the intersection. Pay attention the entire time you use the crosswalk. Thanks.

Tips for Teachers:

  • Get the scoop on an important road safety lessons you can teach in the classroom. ICBC has prepared road safety teaching resources for you free of charge.


school safety tips for drivers

 (Photo courtesy of ICBC)

Also, during the month of September, police will be cracking down on distracted driving and enforcing seat belt regulations so make sure you are buckled up and focussed on the most important task at hand – acing the everyday road test.

School-centric content to share during the week:

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  1. BC needs to adopt vision zero policies. We need streets to be safe for everyone, especially vulnerable road users, like cyclists and kids going to school. We need better designs. Better education for drivers (all drivers, most are ignorant of most road rules). We also need a complete overhaul of the motor vehicle act. The province also needs to stop cutting funding to school districts, for education purposes, but also so districts can provide bus service to kids again. The BC Liberals are destroying this province so they can profit their rich friends. It’s sick.