Volunteering Spirit Boosts McBride Boating

Phil and Jennie Gaglardi Regional Park.

A park – coincidentally named after a past provincial transportation minister – is the site of a volunteer transportation project, in McBride.

At Phil and Jennie Gaglardi Regional Park, the ministry and maintenance contractor Lakes District Maintenance Ltd., constructed a parking area for a future boat launch. The project emerged from discussions with the Village of McBride, the Fraser River Boating Association and the Regional District of Fraser Fort George about how the ministry and contractor could boost community recreation.

Staff from the ministry and the maintenance contractor donated their specialized skills, equipment and materials to the project. Lakes District Maintenance Ltd. supplied three gravel trucks, a packer, a loader and a grader. Gravel from the ministry’s King Creek gravel pit and was spread and compacted on the site. Rip rap (rough-hewn rock used for reinforcing) and gravel were stockpiled, to give the boating association a start on building the launch into the Fraser River, once the facility’s design is finished and the timing is right.

The park improvements will be a new entry to the area’s spectacular scenery and abundant outdoor activities, for locals and tourists.

The ministry and its road maintenance contractors have recently volunteered their time, equipment and construction materials, for more than 28 volunteer community projects across the province. But it’s not every day the ministry undertakes a project in a place where it has a historical connection!

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