Hauling Permits Made Easy

Are you planning on hauling a large load in BC? Do you need a permit but don’t know where to go? Well look no further, we have your answer!

Our Provincial Permit Centre is a one-stop shop for all your hauling permit needs. Through their website, you can get:

  • Single Trip permits, Overweight/Oversize permits
  • Single Trip, Non-Resident permits
  • Term Oversize permits
  • Motive Fuel User permits

Applying for permits online saves you time and money, and all it takes is a simple, one-time registration. Just go to the registration page and click the Online Permits Registration form link.

To complete the process, you’ll need:

  1. An ICBC Client Number
  2. A valid Business BCeID
  3. An email account
  4. A phone number

If you don’t have an ICBC Client Number, you can call the BC Provincial Permit Centre at 1-800-559-9688 to get one. And if you’re missing a BCeID, you can get one here: https://www.bceid.ca. Once you’ve signed up, you can get your permits 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

If you have any questions about online permits, or you can’t find the one you need, Provincial Permit Centre staff are happy to help. You can contact them using the number above from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The office is staffed seven days a week and is open most statutory holidays.

There is also a convenient brochure available for print and reference.

The Provincial Permit Centre – permits made easy!

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  1. Ok this is insane, on hold now for almost 3 hours. Don’t respond back to me with a million excuses oh covid this and use online when my office is a truck not sitting in front of a computer screen all day. If the system is broke why not invest time and effort to fix it?

    • Hi Rob,

      We understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we are aware of the issues and are doing everything we can to keep the permit system moving in a timely fashion, including hiring extra staff to help field calls and process the paperwork. We have shared your frustration with the permit centre staff (and no, we didn’t send it via fax – lol).

  2. This permit system has turned into a joke, absolute joke. Left a message 3 hours ago and still waiting. I’d be more than happy to do it on line but you still don’t offer LCV permits online , which in my opinion, is unacceptable. I’ve read all your responses and they’re all the same “increased call volume”. Sorry but that not a valid excuse, there’s not that many permits needed on a daily basis. You need to fix the problem, which has be ongoing for years and nobody wants to fix it.

    • Hi Terry – thanks for sharing your concern with us here. We hear your frustration and as mentioned in previous comments, we have brought on more staff to address the backlog. We have shared your suggestion for LCV permits forward on your behalf.

  3. Anywhere else in North America you can at least talk to someone. Been on hold for 1 hr 45 min now and my truck is sitting and waiting. Tried on line but need to speak with someone and this wait is a joke.

    • Hi Dave,

      Sorry to hear your frustration. Unfortunately the Provincial Permit centre is experiencing higher than normal call volumes at this time and unfortunately the wait times have increased tremendously. We have brought in extra staff to help with mitigating the long wait times. There are other options to obtain a permit other than by phone – you could fax in your request to – 1-250-784-2426, or sign your company up to do online permits http://www.onlinepermitsbc.ca. Our office is open 7 days a week from 06:00 am to 10:00pm PST. We apologize for the delays and appreciate your patience and understanding.

    • Hi Raj,

      In the last few months we’ve received a call increase of about 40 per cent. We’ve hired additional staff, and are working on hiring more. We realize industry has been impacted and we’re doing our utmost to reduce wait times.

      To get a permit quicker, use our online permit system: https://www.th.gov.bc.ca/cvse/permits/online_permits.htm When you have a Business BCEID, submit your online application to us. We’ll notify you when it has been approved, so you can process your own permits. (Note: Not all permits can be self-processed).

      If you know you need a permit on a specific day, we recommend that you call/email/fax at least 48 hours in advance. Our staff work seven days a week from 6 am to 10 pm (except for Dec 25, Dec 26 and Jan 1).

      If you contact us via email ppcpermit@gov.bc.ca or fax – 250-784-2426, please be sure to provide the complete information for the type of permit required, routing (if any), vehicle information and method of payment.

  4. This is the worst system ever , waiting 10 plus hours for a permit is unacceptable. Figure it out ! Don’t tell me it’s because of covid it’s been almost 2 years !

    • Hi there Kyle – thanks for connecting with us here. We are sorry to hear your frustration. We shared your concern with our staff in the permit centre and they confirmed that the Provincial Permit Centre is experiencing higher than normal call volumes at this time and unfortunately the wait times have increased tremendously. They have brought in extra staff and have hired more staff to help with mitigating the long wait times. Please note that there are other options to obtain a permit other than by phone – you could fax in your request to – 1-250-784-2426, or sign your company up to do online permits http://www.onlinepermitsbc.ca. We apologize for the delays and appreciate your patience and understanding.

      • Ok lets be honest shall we for the first time ever. Who uses Fax any longer? absolutely nobody on the planet but government red tape. Please stop with all the excuses and fix the problems.

  5. Good morning.we would like to move a 20ft wide modular home from bc .alberta border to Houston bc. Via highway 16 . Is it possible to do with permits

  6. We are looking at shipping a + 22ft wide x 40ft long Steel canopy from Surrey to W Pender in Vancouver. What are the requirements and is there a Max on Width.

  7. I drove trucks for 20, a I really enjoyed it the only two problem I really bad with it was when the roads were privatizs I made it to just north of Quenal BC when I watched a pick up truck start doing 360s down a hill in no way was he driving to fast or dangerous I did see a lot more cars and trucks off the road but he was the only one that I seen in person after stopping to see if he was ok I had to keep going because I was running so late it was not 10 mins later that I was in a bad actsident my self I was coming down a hill on to a bridge when a longing truck was coming off The snow drifts from the rails went from the top down to the road over the sidewalk I had no choice but to play through the snow to try and get by the longing truck a eventually my drive tires bounce off the curb making me slide into the trailer load of logs I hit the fount of the logs and it pushed my mirror through my window and hit me on the slide go my head His trailer riped my two left side driver tires off and it also opened up the trailer like a tin can have way down the side throwing food slicer the road I was trying to clean up the road when the ambulance show Ed up and diode that t need to go to the hospital thanks for the towtruck driver showing the police what happened I could Have been in some trunk
    Trouble but we’ll going the hospital the ambulance driver was bitching about the roads and went the police pick me from the hospital she was as bitching about not being able to stop a red light it’s better now than in the beginning. But I think more could be done I agree with you very much that all drivers should be text by a school there is just to much information that a friend can’t teach you the same goes for a class 6 drive r they need to know a lot more about m the operation of a big truck like how sometimes two lines are needed and to hat it takes a long time for it to come to a stop like a plane very driver should be shown on how to chain up and carry extra tools food and clothing I broke down north of Toronto at -40 I was stuck there for for hrs

  8. I need to transport 600 litres of diesel as a regular basis to supply machinery on different job sites. Please will appreciate if someone can tell me what kind of permit do I need and where I could get it. Thanks

  9. Why dont you just redirect all the questions to CVSE in the first place seeing how most of the questions you cant answer? Call it dont ask me, I cant make sense of it either!! LOL

    • Hi Ray and thanks for the suggestion! We do have the CVSE contact info included in the blog, but we try to be as helpful as we can and if folks come to us with a question here, we try to make the answer available here as well, in case others might have the same issue.

  10. I am looking at towing my personal boat from Washington to Juneau, Alaska, through British Columbia. The boat is 28 feet long and 9 feet 9 inches wide. What permits are needed? What kind of restrictions are there?

  11. Hi we want pick up empty super b trailer from Surrey bc we have Alberta plates and no Prorate’s I just wondering do we need any permit to bring empty trailer back to Alberta plz advice?

  12. Hi I am doing some preliminary research for a custom project that will need to be transported to the west coast from central Alberta along the Yellow Head highway to Prince Rupert.
    The boat design I am looking at the completed dimensions are 20′-4″ wide X 85′ long. Would I be able to obtain a one time super-load permit for such a move?


    • Hi Jeff Dawn,

      Access to the Online Permits Registration requires that you have the following information in place:

      To apply for a permit using Online Permits, you must complete a simple one-time registration process. This registration is available to all clients that have requested and received permits in B.C.

      To complete the Online Permits registration, you will require the following:

      An ICBC Client number. If you do not have an ICBC Client Number, call the BC Provincial Permit Centre at 1-800-559-9688 to get one.
      A valid Business BCeID account. If you do not have a Business BCeID account, you can apply for one at the BCeID Website at http://www.bceid.ca/ or call the BCeID Helpdesk at 1-888-356-2741 for more information. The attached guide is intended to help you complete the “Getting Started” section of the Business BCeID registration process.

      An e-mail account
      A phone number

      If you have all the above information in place and are still having problems accessing the system, please contact:

      Online Registration (Enquiries Only):
      Phone: 1-800-559-9688 (8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday)

      The system is occasionally offline, but there is a notification on the page when this is the case.

      If you receive an access denied message then you probably have missed one of the steps above. Hope that this helps!