Slow Down! My Daddy/Mommy Works Here

You might have noticed some new signs that have gone up roadside around the province. The signs feature pictures of workers and their families and tell drivers, “slow down, my daddy [or mommy] works here”.

These signs are part of the Slow Down campaign. Launched by WorksafeBC in July 2007, its focus is to remind motorists that it’s not just machines working on our roads – there are people, too. And if a collision happens, it could have devastating consequences not only for the people involved but also those that depend on them.

Now that the snow is starting to melt, you’re going to see a lot more construction going on in the province, and you’ll be seeing a lot of signs warning you to slow down and obey the traffic control personnel. You may even want to visit our web site, DriveBC, to plan your trip and check if you’re likely to encounter any major projects along the way.

And if you do find yourself driving through a construction zone, please watch out for the traffic controllers and respect their directions. They’re just trying to keep everyone safe. We need to return that favour.

To find out more about the Slow Down campaign and worker safety, please visit WorkSafeBC and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

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  1. how do I get a few posters
    I’m looking for the my mom or my dad work here
    lM on the safety committee at our plant
    we have a lot of moms and dads that work here