Ewwwwww, Watch Out for Those Creepy Crawlers – It’s Tick Season

Well, now that warmer temperatures have arrived in some areas, so have some of the other little creatures we expect to see each spring – in particular, ticks. Just the other day, one of our field staff advised that ticks have recently been spotted in the Lillooet area.


Since our first notification a couple weeks ago, others have reported coming in contact with these dastardly creatures around the interior and south coast. Although this may seem to be a bit early … as temperatures rise, other areas likely won’t be far behind.

Ticks can leave a pretty nasty, painful bite but a tick that goes unnoticed can have far worse results that can lead to Lyme Disease. Initial symptoms seem flu-like but advanced stages can result in paralysis in the extremities, which no one wants.

Whether you are at work or play, you may find yourself in an environment with these creatures, so please take a look, and share the linked information with anyone you think could be exposed. It explains the various types of ticks and preventative measures.

When out and about in tick related environments, consider safe work practices such as:

  • Wearing long pants and a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Tucking pants into socks, and shirt into pants.
  • Spraying insect repellent containing DEET on your pants may help repel ticks.
  • Avoiding walking or resting in areas overgrown with vegetation.
  • Closely examine your body and clothes for ticks.
  • Remove any ticks(as recommended in the above link).
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