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Six (Plus) Ways to Steer Clear of Wildlife

Keeping an eye out for wildlife on the highway while you’re driving can prevent hazards to you both. And to help you in your travels, we’ve compiled some handy tips on how you can treat all of B.C.’s wild creatures with care and improve your safety while driving on the highway: Be extra careful in the early morning, or at dusk and during the night. These times are when animals are most likely to be on the road. Slow...

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Drive Flood Smart: Find Higher Ground or Turn Around

Drive smart during a flood

If you’re Flood Smart you also drive smart – or you don’t drive at all. During a flooding situation, road closures can take place across B.C. and driving your vehicle can become increasingly hazardous. DriveBC’s safety partner, Emergency Management BC, wants to remind British Columbians of these important points before getting into their vehicles: Plan & Monitor: Know the risks before getting into your vehicle. Monitor your local radio stations, TV, local government websites, and DriveBC’s road closure and...

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